Adorable Halloween Costumes from Gymboree!

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It’s no secret that Halloween is almost here and I just can’t believe it. Summer went by so quickly and now it’s time to start thinking about what our little ones are going to be for Halloween. My daughter is at the age where she wants to pick her own costume and while it breaks my heart that I can’t dress her up anymore, I love being able to see what she wants to dress up as and she gets so excited picking out her costume. I knew she would go towards a princess or fairy theme this year since she is OBSESSED with them and I was right! We pulled up the Gymboree website to check out their adorable costumes and I was quickly drawn to their Peacock costume, but once she saw the Blossom fairy it was over and that’s all she wanted to be. I can’t complain though, the Blossom fairy is absolutely adorable. Glittery, Pink, Big poofy bow, and a fairy costume that any little girl would love.

Gymboree Blossom Fairy Costume

The great thing about this costume is that once Halloween is over she can use it for when she plays dress-up and I’m not going to lie, there are already days where I find her dressing up in it and running through the house sprinkling her fairy dust, waving her magic wand, and saying how she’s just like Tinkerbell.

Gymboree Blossom Fairy Wings

As a mom I just love the great quality of the costume. No flimsy wings, these things are big, sturdy, and glittery. Just how fairy wings should be and the rest of the costume follows suit. Everything is made with quality materials and I know the costume will last for more then just Halloween…

Gymboree Blossom Fairy Bow

Ridiculously big, glittery, pink bow? CHECK! Everything about this costume screams a fairy. From the ruffly neckline and skirt to the big wings and flower wand, any little fairy to be will love this pretty in pink costume.

But don’t fret if your little one isn’t into the whole fairy thing there are plenty of other cute costumes for boys and girls, from infant to kids and I know your little one will find a costume they like and if they aren’t into dressing up then there are some Halloween themed shirts that can double as costumes…


  1. Jen says

    Cute! I was just at Gymboree today, hoping to get a costume with their 16.99 sale. They only had one left and it was too small. :( love it though!

  2. Manda Healey says

    I am pregnant with my first baby right now. I had no idea that Gymboree sold halloween costumes! I wouldn’t have thought to look there! I am due in 4 weeks, so I will be looking for her first halloween costume this year :)

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