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A-Z Family Night Activities Ideas

A-Z Family Night Activities Ideas

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Are you looking for new ideas for family night activities? Needs ideas outside of family game night? This guide gives you 26 ideas from A-Z for family night activities that are fun for all ages and the whole family!

There is no better way to build happy family memories than to spend quality time together. Being intentional about family fun isn’t always as easy as it sounds on paper. One great way to ensure that you get time to connect with your loved ones is by planning weekly family nights together. This small, simple habit will bring your home so much joy and help you have fun together as a family. 

For some fun family night ideas, we made a list of all the best family night ideas from A-Z!

Arts and Crafts Night

Get creative around the house! Do a craft together or tackle an art project around the house, such as repainting a room or making art for the walls.


Bake something as a family, such as cake, donuts, or brownies! Don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Cook a Special Meal Together

Longer meals with many steps are perfect for making together as a family!

Dance Party

Turn off the lights, turn on a disco ball, and pump up the jams!

Eating Out

Let each family member pick a new restaurant, and throughout the year, have a few unique meals out!

Family Picnic

Pack a lunch and head to your backyard or local park for a meal in the great outdoors.

Game Night

Break out all your best games (either board or videogame) and have a night filled with laughs and fun!

Home Video Vight

Bring out the old home photos and videos and reflect on fond memories.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Gather the sprinkles, syrup, and toppings and make an ice cream sundae bar.

Jump Around

Get active as a family! Take a bike ride, do a workout routine, or just walk.

Kite Flying

Take your kites outside as a family and fly them around! This is even better at the beach!

LEGO Night

Break out the LEGOs and see who can make the most creative thing!

Movie Night

Pick a movie and snuggle on the couch while watching a good movie.

Nighttime Stroll

After dinner, head out with your family for a short walk around the neighborhood.

Outdoor Concert

Look at your community events calendar and see who plays in your area!

Pizza Night

Homemade pizza from scratch is so easy to make! This also makes a fun family night; your kids get to eat pizza too.

Question Night

Grab a list of questions and get to know more about each other.

Reminisce on Old Times

Remember old times, watch family videos, and look through scrapbooks together.


Play a round of mini golf or shoot hoops with your kids.

Time Capsule

Put together a time capsule encompassing your family from the last few years, years, or even decades.

Under the Sea 

Make tonight’s fun beach or ocean themed! Have seafood for dinner, go for a swim, or even just dress up in your bathing suit and enjoy a tropical vacation from home. If you live near the beach have a beach picnic dinner and swim.

Volunteer Together

Find a cause you all care about and volunteer together.

Walk in Nature

Head out to the woods for a hike or a stroll through nature.


I know exploration is normally spelled with an e, but it’s the pronunciation that counts, right? For tonight’s theme challenge, you and your family get out there and explore your city!

Year in Review

How do you feel about the past year? What are you looking forward to this year? Talk about it and set goals for you and your family.

Happy, portrait and girl and father dancing in the kitchen for celebration, party and bonding. Smile, laughing and dad doing a dance with a child for quality time, happiness and playful together.


Take a fun trip to the zoo as a family!

If you liked this list of family night ideas and you want to try them for yourself, please add these to your weekly family night list!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.