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Jamie is a 30 something stay at home mom to 3 kids who spends her days dealing with the shenanigans of her kids. She loves binge watching shows and has an obsession for purses, tacos, and llamas.

Chamoy Mexican Candy Jello Shots

Chamoy Mexican Candy Jello Shots are a Jell-O shot made with chamoy rim paste, tajin, tamarind vodka, and fruit-flavored jello. They taste like chamoy Mexican candy or a dulce enchilado jello shot. Sweet with a hint of spice and they’re oh so delicioso! This recipe has alcohol and is for ages 21+ only. If you …

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12 Tips for Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Heading to the grocery store can almost send you into shock in the 21st century. As you comb through the aisles, you’ll notice the price of eggs and milk has skyrocketed. Most families have stopped by snacks altogether and are focused on buying ingredients for meals. If you need tips for saving money at the …

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Heart Caprese Bites

Looking for a cute and delicious Valentine’s Day appetizer? These Valentine Heart Caprese Bites are quick, easy, and delicious to make. Combine grape tomatoes, mozzarella balls, basil, and balsamic glaze into an easy caprese bites appetizer. While these heart shaped caprese bites are great for Valentine’s Day they’re perfect for any time of year and …

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