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Birthday Traditions to Start with Your Kids

Birthday Traditions to Start with Your Kids

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Looking for ways to make your child’s birthday that are affordable, fun, and something they’ll remember forever? Need new birthday traditions to start with your kids? Here are some ways to celebrate your child’s birthday that are fun, and meaningful, and that they’ll remember these birthday traditions forever!

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As a mom finding ways to make my kid’s birthday special was something that was really important to me. Over time, I’ve learned that you don’t need to throw big lavish parties to celebrate your child’s birthday in a fun and meaningful way. Looking back, I can’t remember any gifts I got growing up, but I can still remember all of the small traditions we used to do on my birthday that made it so special. If you want to create unforgettable birthday traditions with your kids, here are a few birthday traditions your kids won’t forget.

Create a birthday countdown

Make your own birthday countdown, or find a printable one online! You can do a week, a month, or even count the hours until their birthday. This countdown could include small gifts, a fun activity, or a way to get them excited about their upcoming birthday. You could even do small gifts and treats leading up to their special day.

Use a Special Birthday Plate and Decorations

Buy your family a special birthday plate that only gets used on their birthday! You could do this with other decor items, such as a tablecloth, hat, or anything else! This tradition can even be passed down to each member of the family.

Using a Keepsake Birthday Plate is fun. Here are a few cute options:

Each birthday I decorate our dining room for our kids – A Happy Birthday banner, streamers, tablecloth, and a special cake. Sometimes I make the cake and for others, I buy it depending on what kind they ask for. I let them pick the theme and then I do all the work so that when they wake up in the morning the house is decorated for their special day.

Do a Birthday Interview

These are so much fun! Have your child answer the same questions each year. As the years go by, see how their interests and life changes right before your eyes! You can write them down and make them into a little book for your kids. Make sure to add a photo of them to watch how they’ve grown over the years.

Introduce a Birthday Wake-Up Call

Make the start of their birthday extra special with a special wake-up call! Decorate their doorway with crepe paper and balloons, or serve them breakfast in bed. You can even wake them up at midnight for a short “celebration” to kick off their birthday.

Write a Personal Letter to Your Child

Before each birthday, sit down and write a letter to them about the past year. Include cherished memories and milestones, and read them to them on their birthday. You could include accomplishments you’ve watched them receive, areas where they’ve grown, or even how they’ve changed in the past year. Keep it in a memory book with the birthday interview and photo.

Make a Special Meal

It’s very common to let the birthday boy or girl choose their dinner on their birthday, but there is another way to make this meal more special. What if you focus on the other two meals instead of the dinner? Do cinnamon rolls with sprinkles for breakfast, birthday pancakes, or a special treat in their lunch? Make them a fun Birthday Charcuterie Board or Birthday Cake Waffles!

Number Birthday Charcuterie Board

Make them Feel Special

The goal of doing all of these is to make sure you show them how loved and special they are. So why not do something that makes them feel special? You could make a big poster of all their best qualities, do something they are interested in for the day, or even just excuse them from chores for the week.

Take the Same Photo Every Year

Have you seen those videos of people where it’s a slideshow of their birthday photo from every year? Sometimes they are wearing the same item, or in the same spot, or in the same pose, but you take a photo each year and when they become an adult you can look back and watch how they’ve changed each year. Don’t stop at childhood though, keep taking the photo as they grow older.

Make a Memory Book

Make a memory book and dedicate a page or two each year to remember the year or your childs birthday. Add the letter you wrote, their birthday interview, a photo of them, and whatever other mementos you want. It will be a nice gift to give them when they’re an adult full of happy memories.

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Experiences for Gifts

Instead of gifts give them a fun experience that you can do as a family. I have a list of good experiences to give instead of gifts. Kids probably won’t remember the toy they got, but I am sure they’ll remember the fun day they had. I know for me, those are the things I remember most.

This list of birthday traditions for your kids will stand the test of time and give you some fun new ideas to try. I’m sure your kids will love trying out these fun birthday activities. After all, sometimes the smallest and simple ideas are the ones that are the most exciting.

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