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Denver Wants to Know: What Exactly is Gelato Anyways?

Denver Wants to Know: What Exactly is Gelato Anyways?

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Gelato has its own story, and while it is often coupled with ice cream and other cool dessert options, it is a treat of its own. So, what exactly is the scoop anyways? Ice cream is one thing, but gelato is something else entirely, and when you are contemplating grabbing a sweet treat after dinner after a night out in Denver, CO, deciding between the two can feel confusing because many people don’t even know what gelato is in the first place – and how are you supposed to decide on something you don’t know anything about?

classic italian gourmet gelato gelatto ice cream display in shop

What many refer to as gelato ice cream is, in fact, an Italian delicacy that the people of Colorado now have the luxury of enjoying in their neighborhood. Gelato is a frozen dessert that is dense, lovely, and packs a punch for your taste buds, and when you are in the mood for something sweet – a scoop will surely hit the spot! 

The Origin Story

Gelato has been made and enjoyed for thousands of years – it is one of the original frozen dessert options and was initially found in Asian cultures. The Italian Renaissance birthed the first modern form of gelato served to the King of Spain! When its current form was cultivated, the love of gelato caught on quickly. It was served on carts along the streets so anyone and everyone could enjoy a scoop of this sweet treat.

It was also served in gelaterias, and these storefronts attracted visitors easily with their rows and rows of colorful flavors and garnishing options. While gelato is authentically an Italian dessert, its simplicity, and wonder have been something the rest of the world wanted to get their hands on. Now, gelato is served in shops using traditional carts and even trucks. It is used for catering events; you can find it in grocery stores and almost anywhere in Colorado!

No, It Isn’t Ice Cream

Now for the great debate – isn’t it just fancy ice cream? No, gelato is not ice cream; while there are similarities, there are more differences than commonalities. In essence, Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, but it is more dense, rich, and flavorful. It is created with different ingredients, and its food science produces that magical silky texture. This cold, creamy scoop of goodness has been manifesting smiles for many years, but unlike ice cream, it doesn’t require egg yolks but does, however, use a lot more milk and less cream than ice cream.

Gelato also includes anywhere from 4-9% butterfat, whereas ice cream can use up to 10% and even up to 14%! All that butterfat coats your mouth and waters down your pallet, impairing your ability to savor the flavor. This is not a problem with gelato; since it contains less air, you end up with a heavy texture and impenetrable flavors!

Churned Slowly & Carefully Crafted

A significant factor in the final product for any batch of gelato comes down to how it is created, and when you are making gelato, you have to be detail-oriented – using all the right ingredients, ensuring they are of the highest quality and fresh with each batch made. Another piece of the pie is the churning process – gelato is churned slowly; this is meant to keep air out of the mixture producing a density to preserve the flavor. Over half of the ice cream’s volume is air, but gelato doesn’t need to add fluff to the mixture to create a tasty treat. 

Packs a Flavor Punch

The lack of air in gelato helps cultivate a deep, rich flavor that can be thoroughly enjoyed and savored when devouring your serving on a cone, waffle, or whatever addition you add to your treat. Gelato doesn’t need to be frozen either; unlike ice cream, it can be stored at 10 to 20 degrees – making it easy to scoop and preserving the quality of the mixture’s flavor. You may think gelato is filled with sugar with all the party for your taste buds. Still, it has lower content than ice cream, and while neither is considered healthy, everything can be enjoyed in moderation, and it is good to splurge occasionally!

Get Yourself a Scoop, Or Two

Authentic Italian gelato can be enjoyed any time of day throughout the year, and with the right curator for the product – you are in for the treat of your life! Now that you understand what gelato is, it’s time to dig in if you haven’t already tried it. I Scream Gelato Lowry is slow-churning premium gelato with a modern mix for the residents of Colorado. Denverites everywhere have flocked to I Scream Gelato, and by the end of their visit – they are genuinely left screaming for more. Gelato was made for people to enjoy and for the scoops to be shared with friends and loved ones. While it is not ice cream, it reigns supreme in the realm of frozen desserts, so it is about time to scoop a serving for yourself!

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