We Heart the Step2 Easy Turn Coupe + Giveaway!

When I found out I got picked to be a Step2 Test Drive Mom I was beyond thrilled and I knew that my rambunctious toddler would love the perks as well. Our first order of business is testing out Step2’s new Easy Turn Coupe which is part of their new spring line and debuting at Toy Fair this month. It arrived and there was a giant picture of it on the box and my toddler went nuts. “Mommy! Mommy! It’s a car!! MY CAR!!!” I couldn’t get the box opened up and the Easy Turn Coupe put together quick enough.

Step2 Easy Turn Coupe

Putting together this bad boy was a little time consuming, but easy for the most part. The only problem I encountered was putting on the front middle wheel. There is a metal cap you need to hammer down and I had the hardest time getting it to lock into place. I’m pretty sure the problem was that I wasn’t hitting it hard enough because once I started hitting it with all my power I finally got it to lock on. Did I mention the toddler was standing over me the whole time telling me to hurry up, but also telling me what a good job I was doing? I think she was sucking up so I would finish faster and she could play…

Step2 Easy Turn Coupe

Growing up I had the competitors car like this, but boy do I wish I had this instead. It has some pretty sweet features and if I could fit inside, I am sure my toddler and I would be fighting over it. So let’s begin from the top:

  • Front castor wheel for easy maneuverability – This wheel makes driving the coupe a piece of cake and it also makes pushing it a breeze. It turns perfectly.
  • Cup holders for both mom and child – There is a cup holder in the front for a bottle or sippy cup and two in the back. Perfect for Coffee mugs, water bottles, or more sippy cups. The cup holders are a great addition to the car and makes it easy to bring drinks along to the park or wherever the Easy Turn Coupe takes you.
  • Clear roof – My toddler loves looking up at the sky and telling me about the clouds and the clear roof is perfect for her to do that while I’m pushing the car.
  • Gas cap, ignition key, Opening and Closing door, and working horn – My toddler hasn’t figured out what to do with the gas cap and I am ok with this. I can only imagine her trying to pour juice or something into it, but she loves the horn, key and steering wheel. She gets in and turns the key a few times and drives around while beeping the horn.
  • Removable floor – The removable floor board is genius! If you have a smaller child who can’t push the car by themselves then screwing the floor board into place would be a good idea. Since my toddler is big enough to push the car on her own we didn’t screw it in. The floor board easily comes out and back in, so much so that my toddler has mastered it. Ours stays out for the most part, but it comes in handy to pop back in for walks around the lake, where I am pushing her.

step2 easy turn coupe

The Easy Turn Coupe has a fresh new look and Modern design. It’s definitely the hottest car on the playground and Step2 thought of everything when they built it. While is drives nicely outdoors, it also works wonderfully in the house. We primarily use ours in the house and my toddler has no problem getting around in it and I often find her just sitting in it in front of the TV or while playing on the iPad.

Step2 Easy Turn Coupe

Step2 Gives Back

The Step2 Company, LLC focuses its charitable efforts on programs designed to enhance the health and education of children while enriching their lives and their family experience.  It is that mission that has made The Saving tiny hearts Society (StHS), an organization that funds life-saving grass roots research of congenital heart defects (CHD’s), a non-profit that Step2 has supported for many years.

Several years ago, Step2 learned that CHD’s are America’s #1 birth defect affecting over 40,000 babies every year.  With that type of statistic, it should have come as no surprise when one of Step2’s own was impacted by a CHD.

Step2 would like to continue its support of the StHS with their “I ♥ Easy Turn Coupe” campaign. They will be donating Coupes to various children’s hospitals and will be inviting folks to watch a quick video on the Easy Turn Coupe and tell them what feature they ♥ most about it.  For every comment received on the Easy Turn Coupe Facebook tab, Step2 will make a $1 donation to StHS.

Win It!

Step2 Caption This Contest

Step2 is giving away a Easy Turn Coupe to one fabulous reader! To enter fill out the rafflecopter form below and “Caption This” Picture!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I am a Step2 Test Drive Mom and I receive products for review. Regardless, All opinions are 100% my own!


  1. Stephanie Briggs says

    Beep Beep!!! (Bottom Picture)
    She looks so happy in it!
    I love all the features you listed!!! How great this is, I can see us going for nice walks, enjoying family time, and playing in the house! Great!!

  2. Lisa G says

    Waalaa…and it’s all mine!!!

    [email protected]

  3. Julia Miller says

    Picture with the child checking out the back: “My ride has to be fit for a princess. Let’s do this.”

    Picture with the child in the coupe: “Who needs a pumpkin coach? Let’s go to the ball in STYLE.”

  4. joanne gentry says

    Watch out world, I’m on my way!
    [email protected]

  5. SHAYNA says


    [email protected]


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