We Heart the Step2 Easy Turn Coupe + Giveaway!

When I found out I got picked to be a Step2 Test Drive Mom I was beyond thrilled and I knew that my rambunctious toddler would love the perks as well. Our first order of business is testing out Step2’s new Easy Turn Coupe which is part of their new spring line and debuting at Toy Fair this month. It arrived and there was a giant picture of it on the box and my toddler went nuts. “Mommy! Mommy! It’s a car!! MY CAR!!!” I couldn’t get the box opened up and the Easy Turn Coupe put together quick enough.

Step2 Easy Turn Coupe

Putting together this bad boy was a little time consuming, but easy for the most part. The only problem I encountered was putting on the front middle wheel. There is a metal cap you need to hammer down and I had the hardest time getting it to lock into place. I’m pretty sure the problem was that I wasn’t hitting it hard enough because once I started hitting it with all my power I finally got it to lock on. Did I mention the toddler was standing over me the whole time telling me to hurry up, but also telling me what a good job I was doing? I think she was sucking up so I would finish faster and she could play…

Step2 Easy Turn Coupe

Growing up I had the competitors car like this, but boy do I wish I had this instead. It has some pretty sweet features and if I could fit inside, I am sure my toddler and I would be fighting over it. So let’s begin from the top:

  • Front castor wheel for easy maneuverability – This wheel makes driving the coupe a piece of cake and it also makes pushing it a breeze. It turns perfectly.
  • Cup holders for both mom and child – There is a cup holder in the front for a bottle or sippy cup and two in the back. Perfect for Coffee mugs, water bottles, or more sippy cups. The cup holders are a great addition to the car and makes it easy to bring drinks along to the park or wherever the Easy Turn Coupe takes you.
  • Clear roof – My toddler loves looking up at the sky and telling me about the clouds and the clear roof is perfect for her to do that while I’m pushing the car.
  • Gas cap, ignition key, Opening and Closing door, and working horn – My toddler hasn’t figured out what to do with the gas cap and I am ok with this. I can only imagine her trying to pour juice or something into it, but she loves the horn, key and steering wheel. She gets in and turns the key a few times and drives around while beeping the horn.
  • Removable floor – The removable floor board is genius! If you have a smaller child who can’t push the car by themselves then screwing the floor board into place would be a good idea. Since my toddler is big enough to push the car on her own we didn’t screw it in. The floor board easily comes out and back in, so much so that my toddler has mastered it. Ours stays out for the most part, but it comes in handy to pop back in for walks around the lake, where I am pushing her.

step2 easy turn coupe

The Easy Turn Coupe has a fresh new look and Modern design. It’s definitely the hottest car on the playground and Step2 thought of everything when they built it. While is drives nicely outdoors, it also works wonderfully in the house. We primarily use ours in the house and my toddler has no problem getting around in it and I often find her just sitting in it in front of the TV or while playing on the iPad.

Step2 Easy Turn Coupe

Step2 Gives Back

The Step2 Company, LLC focuses its charitable efforts on programs designed to enhance the health and education of children while enriching their lives and their family experience.  It is that mission that has made The Saving tiny hearts Society (StHS), an organization that funds life-saving grass roots research of congenital heart defects (CHD’s), a non-profit that Step2 has supported for many years.

Several years ago, Step2 learned that CHD’s are America’s #1 birth defect affecting over 40,000 babies every year.  With that type of statistic, it should have come as no surprise when one of Step2’s own was impacted by a CHD.

Step2 would like to continue its support of the StHS with their “I ♥ Easy Turn Coupe” campaign. They will be donating Coupes to various children’s hospitals and will be inviting folks to watch a quick video on the Easy Turn Coupe and tell them what feature they ♥ most about it.  For every comment received on the Easy Turn Coupe Facebook tab, Step2 will make a $1 donation to StHS.

Win It!

Step2 Caption This Contest

Step2 is giving away a Easy Turn Coupe to one fabulous reader! To enter fill out the rafflecopter form below and “Caption This” Picture!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I am a Step2 Test Drive Mom and I receive products for review. Regardless, All opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. WOW that’s so modern looking, I love it! Way better than the old red & yellow color I used to have. I like that last pic, “Bye mom, I’m goin’ shopping! See ya later!” LOL :)

  2. My stage coach is perfect!

  3. Watch out! Here I come!

  4. Stephanie Briggs says:

    Beep Beep!!! (Bottom Picture)
    She looks so happy in it!
    I love all the features you listed!!! How great this is, I can see us going for nice walks, enjoying family time, and playing in the house! Great!!

  5. April Brenay says:

    I’ve already logged 100 hours in this thing!

  6. His is way better than a pumpkin!

  7. Amanda Selenke says:

    A princess shouldn’t have to push her car, where is a prince when you need him!?

  8. My daughter would LOVE that!! I love how sleek it looks and for such a good cause!!

  9. Gone fishin!

  10. Mom! I passed my road test!

  11. Now I can get to the princess ball!

  12. This princess drives a car that looks like a frog :)

  13. Heidi Daily says:

    Bibbity bobbity boo turn this pumpkin into a coupe!

  14. See My New Cool Coupe?

  15. and now off to a road trip

  16. ReggieMann says:

    Cup holders for me and my mom? Sweet! :D

  17. Wheeeeeee!

  18. MOM! My wand won’t fit. ;)

  19. My carriage awaits :)


  20. I like this better than that Pumpkin coach.
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  21. Jenny Lloyd says:

    the open road awaits (second picture)

  22. Check out my coach!

  23. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    Beep! Here comes her majesty!

  24. Stephanie w says:

    I’m adorable and I know it. I love the sun roof!

  25. Janet Benthin says:

    The road less traveled is where you’ll find me!The Easy Turn Coupe for her Majesty!

  26. Who needs a fairy godmother?

  27. Did you get my pic? I have somewhere to be.

  28. Vroom!

  29. I’m so cute in my little green car.

  30. bonnie eby says:

    Off I go…there must be a sale somewhere!

  31. sweet ride!!!!

  32. Lori Thomas says:

    My lean green drivin machine!!

  33. ‘This makes driving so much fun’

  34. Anne Perry says:

    going to california

  35. Watch Out! Here comes the Princess!

  36. Cinderella is jealous of my ride.

  37. Can you believe this awesome ride used to be a pumpkin?

  38. “girls always drive better with the right accessories!”

  39. Jazmine Zepeda says:

    Watch out Disney, there’s a new princess rolling into town!

  40. Waalaa…and it’s all mine!!!

    [email protected]

  41. Jamie Brigham says:

    I’m mean and I’m green!

  42. Woah! I almost went off the road into the lake!

  43. Watch out world..here comes the princess!

  44. ‘My royal carriage’

  45. Fit for a princess! Help me find my frog prince!

  46. Is she old enough to drive? ;)

  47. Look out here I come!

  48. Alicia Leslie says:

    Mean green machine with a smile on my face

  49. Cinderella has nothing on me
    kat_1982us at yahoo.com

  50. Jennifer T. says:

    Going cruisin’!

  51. I have to watch out for the duck poop!

  52. This car is awesome!!

  53. ooohhhh man..outta gas again!!

  54. I am going off roading

  55. “Tut Tut, It looks like rain”!

    I’ve got my sun roof closed today!

  56. Look at me, Mom!!

  57. Adrianne B says:

    “Wand? Check. Tiara? Check. Now I just need to find a princess gas station…”

  58. Christine Waddell says:

    I am going to the mall Mom! Can I have the credit card?

  59. Get in the backseat baby!

  60. “oops! wrong turn!”

  61. The Princess is here!! Now the party can start!!

  62. Jessica Lodge says:

    I’m driving myself to the ball!!

  63. Deborah Mireles says:

    My car is so much more cooler than mom’s!

  64. Best caption… “My Mom is the BEST!” She looks SOOO excited about this new car!

  65. Where’s my Prince?

  66. Melissa O. says:

    This is so much better than that pumpkin turned coach I was driving!

  67. Help me find my slipper!

  68. I’m climbing in!

  69. My car is wayyyy cuter then the kid across the road’s car!!!

  70. christine k. says:

    My ride handles smoothly… even off-road!

  71. Too bad you can’t see my princess high heels from there!

  72. I’m a perfect fit in my new coupe!

  73. Diane Kleemann says:

    I have the coach. Next I’ll practice “the wave”.

  74. ..watch out everybody, here I come, ready or not!!!! Whee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Dawn Walsh says:

    No need to pimp my ride its fit for a princess

  76. Allyson Tice says:

    I’m on my way to meet Prince Charming!

  77. Suzanne Roberts says:

    My daycare kids would love it! I would need two.

  78. If I close my eyes real tight and wave my magic wand, maybe mom will let me drive to the movies myself.

  79. I’m Going Green, Mom!

  80. It’s a new day, It’s a new ride, What a fun life!

  81. Now to push this car to the dress car

  82. I love my lean, green, driving machine!

  83. danielle lima says:

    Unlike a pumpkin, I can keep this after midnight

  84. I’m styling in my new coupe buddy

  85. Katherine Donovan says:

    Am I a princess or what?!

  86. Elizabeth Parker says:

    “Hmm…Green…Time to accessorize this thing!” :)

  87. thank goodness for my rearview mirror I almost ended in the ditch

  88. Saving the planet one green vehicle at a time!

  89. sharon winne says:

    Wow! with the price of gas, I’m glad my car is green! What a cutie!

  90. Just out for a Sunday drive!

  91. courtney b says:

    let’s go green!

  92. courtney b says:

    i love the colors and how adorable the coupe is!

  93. Jennifer Marie says:

    Don’t wait up mommy!

  94. Going green is the future!

  95. amy pugmire says:

    watch me go mom!

  96. Even the ducks at the pond think my ride is cool!

  97. Heather Lovell says:

    Adorable pics. “My chariot awaits” (pic of her pushing the coupe).

  98. Julia Miller says:

    Picture with the child checking out the back: “My ride has to be fit for a princess. Let’s do this.”

    Picture with the child in the coupe: “Who needs a pumpkin coach? Let’s go to the ball in STYLE.”

  99. natalie nichols says:

    Little old me? I wasn’t speeding!

  100. Do you think Cheerios will be my sponsor for NASCAR?

  101. “There is no sand at this beach, time to drive to the next location”

  102. Aeoliana Elliott says:

    A chariot fit for a princess.

  103. Caption: I’m divaliciious in my new ride!

  104. Come on, Let’s get this show on the road!

  105. jamie villari says:

    Sweet Pea Beauty and her Princess Coupe!
    Jamievillari@ yahoo dot com

  106. Mom, watch how fast my feet can go!

  107. Tiffany McBaine says:

    sorry officer, I wasn’t speeding was I?

  108. Michelle Tucker says:

    When does my carriage turn into a pumpkin?

  109. Monica Young says:

    Life is a highway I want to ride it all night long!

  110. I can’t believe she’s driving already! They grow up so fast! *tear* … ;)

  111. I hope I catch all the green lights in my green coupe!

  112. Sarah Sanchez says:

    Ridin’ in style

  113. Janet W. says:

    Let’s take this coupe for a spin!

  114. “The princess carriage of the 21st century!”

  115. See what I get when I use my wand Mom?

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    Ridin’ and smilin’ in my new green coupe!

  117. Beep! Beep! Princess coming through!

  118. Janet W. says:

    I just got my driver’s license, let’s go!

  119. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    “I must accessorize my new car!”

  120. Janet W. says:

    I have the wind blowing in my hair like I just don’t care!

  121. Gina Demaree says:

    Customizing my coupe. :)

  122. Ashley Owens says:

    “beep beep!”

  123. Tasheena S says:

    “Most get a car on their Sweet Sixteen.
    Say hi to my new Green Machine!”

  124. Janet W. says:

    My coupe is fast, watch me go on past!

  125. Jennifer Marie says:

    I am outta here!!

  126. nadya kotik says:

    finally my own car!

  127. Janet W. says:

    Driving has never felt so good!

  128. Jessica Peterson says:

    Now all I need is a ball to attend!

  129. Janet W. says:

    All done with the park… now it’s time for this princess to go get ice cream!

  130. Please take the picture already. I have place to be.

  131. Janet W. says:

    My feet can pedal as fast as Fred Flintstone!

  132. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    “Ready To Go Shopping”

  133. Janet W. says:

    I’m rockin’ and rollin’ in my new coupe!

  134. Tammy Horn says:

    This Cinderella has her own ride to the ball.

  135. Kimberly Schotz says:

    One, two, three lets go!

  136. Kimberly Schotz says:

    Love the Clear Roof

  137. meegan whitford says:

    Nope not an accident I meant to go off roading!

  138. Janet W. says:

    I love driving my green machine!

  139. Kathy Davis says:

    I had to pull over to adjust my crown!

  140. Janet W. says:

    Pedal to the floor, watch me do some more!

  141. Wendy Mastin says:

    “My ride is better than Cinderella carriage”

  142. Janet W. says:

    Cruisin’ fast and having a blast!

  143. Lisa Burk says:

    Excuse me but I would like to get by!

  144. Janet W. says:

    Faster than a flash! Hope I don’t crash!

  145. I’m ready for the real thing, Mom and Dad!

  146. Janet W. says:

    Gotta keep up the pace so I can win the race!

  147. Janet W. says:

    I’m gaining lots of speed and about to take the lead!

  148. Janet W. says:

    Let’s go cruising with the windows down all around the town!

  149. kathy pease says:

    princess and the pea

  150. laurie nykaza says:

    oh no I’m out of gas!

  151. Janet W. says:

    I’m on the move and in the groove!

  152. Erin Rok says:

    YES this is my car!

  153. Beep, beep, toot, look out!

  154. Janet W. says:

    Feet down, ready to go around the town!

  155. Beep, Beep, coming through!

  156. Jeannette Loretitsch says:

    My little douce coupe! Very cute!

  157. “I can’t wait until I’m 16!! Look out world!”

    She is a DOLL! SO cute! You can tell she LOVES it!

  158. Jessica Arnette says:

    you can go anywhere in this cool ride~!

  159. Love the Coupe…Perfect for a Princess or a Prince

  160. Janet W. says:

    I’m traveling far in my green car!

  161. Molly Bussler says:

    I’m so happy, look at my new ride..can you dig it!

  162. Janet W. says:

    Rollin’… Rollin’… Rollin’ in my green car!

  163. will my cozy coupe turn into a pumpkin after midnight?

  164. Sheila Hickmon says:

    My royal carraige awaits!

  165. Amber Porter says:

    I’m super strong!

  166. Janet W. says:

    My car is green like a clover… I hope I don’t flip over! :)

  167. Suzie Williams says:

    This is the greenest car of all- no fuel needed!

  168. My wish came true!

  169. Janet W. says:

    I’ll race you to the finish line!

  170. Jennifer Weinberg says:

    Princess behind the wheel!

  171. Julia Goldberg says:

    A coupe built for cuteness

  172. Janet W. says:

    Let’s go cruising down the street, looking for new people to meet!

  173. Janet W. says:

    Driving with speed… it’s exactly what I need!

  174. Dani Osenbaugh says:

    Check out my new ride!

  175. Veronica DePrato says:

    for the “she loves it” photo: Who needs to drive a car when you can push it?!

  176. Renea Pike says:

    where is prince charming?

  177. Janet W. says:

    Next stop… Toys R Us!

  178. Lori Walker says:

    mommy doesn’t know it yet but i’m never getting out!

  179. Adrienne says:

    It’s the princess mobile!

  180. Janet W. says:

    Which way is the Easter Egg Hunt?

  181. heather strozeski says:

    This is how i roll

  182. Janet W. says:

    Look out… Student/Toddler Driver on board!

  183. Danielle F. says:

    Who needs a pumpkin for a carriage when I have my cozy coupe!

  184. Top picture: This car is so easy to push! I am super woman. LOL


  186. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    queen of the road
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  187. Janet W. says:

    Watch out – There’s a toddler on the road!

  188. “My other ride is pulled by horses”

  189. Rachel Ellis says:

    Ran out of gas already?! I guess I had better push.

  190. Ready to roll :)

  191. Rebecca Peters says:

    Make way for the princess!

  192. Janet W. says:

    I’m stylin’, are you buyin’?

  193. wendy rozema says:

    Just another day in paradise!

  194. I’m ready to take you on a magical car ride!

  195. Jennifer says:

    It’s tough driving AND being this fancy!

  196. Janet W. says:

    Toddler Express coming through!

  197. Candice Hull says:

    This is so much better than that big pumpkin


  198. amberlyn johnson says:

    princess crossing

  199. Brenda Elsner says:

    Lovin’ my new ride!!

  200. Janet W. says:

    Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, look out here I come!

  201. amy deeter says:

    im on a road trip

  202. joanne gentry says:

    Watch out world, I’m on my way!
    [email protected]

  203. misty farmer says:

    I see my prince charming!

  204. Kari Flores says:

    My Magic Wand isn’t magically starting this engine.


    [email protected]

  206. Shirley Zolenski says:

    Aren’t princesses supposed to have drivers?

  207. Jeanette Mays says:

    I sure do love my new princess carriage!

  208. Becky Richied says:

    Caption: ‘pumpkins are so old school…check me out!!’

  209. cassandra (rab pom) says:

    A ride good enough for a princess.

  210. *Beep, Beep* Watch out crazy driver coming through!

  211. Cathy Mondt says:

    What is my curfew?

  212. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Forget the carriage, I’ll take the royal car.

  213. Jennifer jones says:

    Who needs Prince Charming and a pumpkin carriage. I got my daddy and a coupe.

  214. Look out here I come !!!

  215. Ashlea Culotta says:

    If you have the means I highly recommend you pick one up.

  216. Move aside “Pope Mobile”, there is a princess coming through!

  217. Thanks to Step2 I’m smog free

  218. sara spurgeon says:

    You need a ride?

  219. Saver Sara says:

    Look at my new carriage!

  220. Now I can walk the dog in style.


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