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Remote or Online Learning School Supplies

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The 2020-2021 school year is starting and across the country, many districts are going to online or remote learning for the first part of the year. Wondering what to get for school supplies? Our district just issued a school supply list for Kindergarten – 5th grade and I’m going to share it with you. If you’re looking for a remote or online learning school supplies list then look no further and get ready to shop.


Online Learning School Supplies List

Our school district has chosen to use the Florida Virtual School learning lesson with teachers from our district teaching the lesson plans. Our district has also chosen Elevations online schooling for older grades. This is the school supply list they sent out to us and hopefully, it will be some help to you. I’ve also included a few items that helped us out with remote learning and could be helpful for you too.

While most assignments will be done online there will be some assignments offline and printables for kids to do. If you’re looking to stay on a daily schedule, check out our COVID-19 schedule for kids!

Computer with webcam – Your child will need some sort of desktop or laptop device. Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones will not work for online learning because some of the lessons use JavaScript and Flash, which those devices don’t support. Also note, the Chrome browser will no longer support Java at the end of 2020. Our district issued us a Dell Latitude 3190 and we loved it for remote learning last year. IMO, it’s the best laptop for online learning. If you’re looking for an affordable computer I would highly recommend it, especially for younger kids. We really loved that you could do touchscreen and write on the screen for lessons that involved writing numbers, letters, ect.

Printer – You may need a printer to print out any documents, assignments, or printables the teacher provides.

Mouse (optional) – Using the laptop mouse pad is a pain. A mouse wasn’t on our list, but I will be ordering one for our kids to use. It makes the computer experience easier. I really love the Logitech wireless mouse. It’s what I’ve been using for years! Don’t forget the mousepad.

Headphones with Mic – Your kids will likely be doing a combination of live lessons and not live lessons. Watching videos, playing games, and needing to talk with their teacher. Headphones with a mic are a great option. These ones are affordable and have great reviews.

Coloring Supplies – Crayons, Markers, and Colored Pencils


Glue – Since kids will be working from home pick your choice of glue. Either glue or glue sticks.


Lined Paper

Rolling cart (optional) – We put together a remote learning cart in the spring and it was a huge organizational saver. We kept laptops, workbooks, school supplies, and anything else the kids needed on the cart in a corner of the room. When school was over for the day everything went back into the cart and was nicely put away for the next day. This also helps to ensure that laptops don’t get left out and get broken.

Anything that you would recommend to make the online/remote school year easier? Let me know! I hope this online learning back to school supply guide will be helpful to you!

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online remote learning school supply list

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Kathlene Shinn

Monday 10th of August 2020

I am a great aunt that adopted my 3 nephew and nieces 3 years ago. I'm disabled and have poor health, my brother the grandfather of these children died of cancer 4 years ago, so did their other aunt my sis, my mother and father have all died from cancer in the past few years. I really need a couple more laptops but I'm unable to purchase them. Do you know of anywhere or anyone that would donate a couple?? Thank you for all your help, God bless, Kathie


Thursday 13th of August 2020

I'm sorry, I don't know of anyone donating laptops. I would reach out to your school district. I know ours is giving out laptop loaners for the school year.

Angela Serola

Sunday 9th of August 2020

Hello, Also a grandmother ( I did officially adopt my granddaughter, but....) raising my now 15 year old. It’s so hard. Glad I found this page. Thank you all for great insight.


Wednesday 5th of August 2020

Another Gramma here just helping out with the grandkids and school.


Wednesday 5th of August 2020

I’m a gramma raising 3. I leave for work at 6, home at 6. Cook, clean, I have no time for schoolwork. Am not the teacher! Frustrated.


Wednesday 5th of August 2020

I am first time reader, and a Grammy too, gonna be doing same with grandchildren. Looks like I am not the only one !

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.