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Most Common Usages of a Ceramic Box Cutter and Why You Need One 

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A ceramic box cutter is also called a utility knife. It is a tool found almost everywhere, in homes, businesses, and public places. Although its main function used to be cutting boxes, it has evolved to serve many other purposes. 

Industrial use 

A ceramic box cutter is made of zirconium oxide and is especially beneficial for industrial applications, as it lasts 11X longer than regular blades. The ceramic cutter made of zirconium oxide is non-contaminating and chemically inert, which means a strong defense against bacteria and no chemical reactions. Moreover, it does not rust. Therefore, there is no need to use oils or lubricants to prevent rusting. For all these reasons, paper and aerospace industries use it a lot. 

Business use 

For businesses such as freight, grocery stores, restaurants, and manufacturing, where employees must open tons of boxes, a ceramic box cutter can be a godsend. It is easy to use and soft on the hands. Although sharp, the blades of a ceramic box cutter do not easily cut through the skin. 

When you are constantly opening boxes, it can put a strain on your hand muscles. Using a box cutter can ease your muscle strain because the handle is ergonomically designed, which implies that it fits snugly within the palm of your hand. As such, a ceramic box cutter must be a handy tool in your arsenal. 

Pocket use 

If you are a handy person, such as an electrician, plumber, or roofer, you should have a ceramic box cutter in your pocket. These are made in small sizes, as small as a postage stamp, so you can nicely slide a cutter into your pocket. A pocket-size cutter should be an essential tool in your kit. 

Pocket cutters are built with safety in mind that can be used daily to tackle all your cutting and slicing needs. The blades are auto-retractable and retractable with a rubberized slider for optimal comfort. It is perfect to have it in your home, at the office, or even if you need it for your hobbies. 

Kitchen use 

What makes a ceramic box cutter stand out is its hardness. The MOH measures the hardness of an object. Diamond is the hardest material, with a MOH of 10. The MOH scale of a ceramic blade is 8.2. This makes ceramic closer to diamonds in its hardness and harder than steel, with a MOH scale of 7.5. 

The hardness of ceramic box cutters has made them a must-have item in homes, businesses, kitchens, and factories. It can be used to open packages in the kitchen, hard wrapping, without injuring oneself.

School use 

Students engage in tons of project work that requires them to cut various objects such as paper, cardboard, or plastic in precise measurements. There is no better way to do this than with a pen cutter. It is a mini version of the ceramic cutter that is used for business and industrial purposes. 

The ceramic pen cutter comes in a pen form, hence easier to carry around in your backpack. It has small features and utilizes the same ceramic blades as other application cutters. It features a tapered and clean design with a rubberized extension slide, which makes it easy to hold. 

Light use 

There is a lighter version of the ceramic box cutter called the safety cutter, which comes with a small blade that barely protrudes from the tool. It is so tiny that it is ideal to be used in knife-free areas like airports, prisons, courts, and the like. The rubberized handle makes it handy for both left- and right-handers. 

The ceramic safety cutter is as sharp and safe as the other cutting tools. It has a magnet for easy access and storage. It is ideal for everyday usage, such as cutting coupons and removing plastic wraps. Ceramic safety cutters are powerful little tools designed to cut anything in small doses. 

Home use 

Parents with small kids who work a lot in the garage need cutting tools for various purposes. Rather than having sharp knives or aggressive weapons to cut things, you can use a ceramic box cutter because it is safe and more secure than traditional cutting tools. When it comes to kids, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Ceramic box cutters are manufactured finger-friendly with a blade edge that does not easily cut through the skin but can cut most materials effectively. The effective cutting edge poses less danger to the user by displacing the blade’s force against the skin. In other words, the edge of the blades is safe to touch. 


You need a ceramic box cutter because it is versatile, safe, and cheaper than traditional cutting tools. Besides, it is stronger than classic cutting tools and would cause you no issues. They come in various shapes and sizes, catering to several applications, whether for home use, business use, or industrial purposes.

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