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Everything About the Cricut Mug Press

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What is a Cricut Mug Press? Where can I buy a Cricut Mug Press? And everything you need to know about the Cricut Mug Press.

All About the Cricut Mug Press

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The Cricut Mug Press aka EasyPress for Mugs is the newest addition to the Cricut family. Cricut currently offers 3 cutting machines, 3 EasyPress heat presses, and a variety of materials like vinyl, wood, felt fabric, and infusible ink. In addition to all those things, Cricut has introduced the Cricut Easy Press for Mugs.

The Cricut Mug Press is a Cricut heat press for mugs. The Mug Press takes away the complications of trying to use an iron, EasyPress, or another brand mug press and makes mug making simple and easy.

The Cricut Mug Press works with Cricut’s new line of mugs, infusible ink sheets, and pens. You can also use sublimation mugs with the Cricut Mug Press, which I’ll cover more of below.

When Does the Cricut Mug Press Come Out

The Cricut Mug Press will be released on March 11th, 2021. You can find out where to buy the Cricut Easy Press for Mugs at the bottom of this post. It will be available in the US and Canada.

Circut Mug Press Release Date for the UK & Europe

Wondering when the Cricut Mug Press will be released in the UK or Europe? If you live in the United Kingdom or Europe the Cricut mug press is coming to you. While there is no official release date I was told it will be out later in 2021 sometime.

What is the Cricut Mug Press?

The Cricut Mug Press is a heat press, but for mug making. It is designed to perfectly press infusible ink designs onto coffee mugs. The Cricut Mug Press makes it easy to make custom, quality mugs in minutes. It is equipped with one-touch settings, just-right temperature control, and an auto-off feature for peace of mind.

How to Register your Cricut Mug Press

Unlike other heat presses from Cricut with the Mug Press, you will need to register the Mug Press. You will need a laptop or computer when you register the Cricut Mug Press, but once it is registered it won’t matter what device you use. This is a one-time thing. You cannot register the mug press if you are using a phone or tablet.

To register the Cricut Mug Press you’ll need to connect it to your computer via USB cable. The mug press does come with a USB cord to do this. Go to and follow the steps. It took me all of a minute to register my mug press and do the firmware update. Then it is ready to use. You will not need to hook it up via USB to use the mug press.

What materials can be used with the Cricut Mug Press?

Infusible Ink Sheets, pens, and markers are compatible with the Cricut Mug Press. Other
sublimation materials are also compatible, but the press is optimized for Infusible Ink. Iron-On and HTV are not compatible with this press.

Will Cricut Joy Infusible Ink Sheets work?

Yes! I measured them together and they Cricut Joy Infusible Ink sheets are the same size. The measurements on the boxes are the same too.

If I am being totally honest, I like the Joy sheets a tiny bit more because they have the grid on the transfer sheet and the mug press sheets don’t have a grid. I like the grid for making sure my design is straight.

Can I use Sublimation with the Cricut Mug Press

Yes! You can use either sublimation images/sheets you have printed and/or sublimation mugs.

Cricut Mug vs Sublimation Mug

Look at this sublimation mug I used. The left red mug is a cricut mug with infusible ink and the right mug is a sublimation mug with infusible ink. They look the same. Bright, vibrant, and beautiful. These are the sublimation mugs I used.

cricut mug vs sublimation mug

Can I use HTV or Vinyl with the Cricut Mug Press?

No. These materials are not compatible with the Cricut Mug Press and can melt when used inside of it. HTV or Iron-On aren’t made to be used on mugs. They’re meant for T-shirts. People use them on mugs, but they aren’t long-lasting.

While Vinyl can be used on mugs if vinyl is washed improperly or over time it can begin to flake, fade, crack, and peel. Infusible Ink gives a seamless and permanent design to your mug that will hold up for many years to come. It won’t flake, peel, fade, or crack over time. Infusible ink and Cricut Mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, meaning you can use them daily and wash them how you see fit and they will last a long time.

Can you Adjust the Time or Temperature on the Cricut Mug Press?

No. The Cricut Mug Press was designed with the perfect time and temperature in mind. It makes mug pressing easy and efficient. You don’t need to mess around with time and temperature adjustments. Just turn on your Cricut Mug Press, let it heat up, place in your mug with design, and press down the lever. The Cricut Mug Press will give you a perfect press each time.

Cricut Mug Press how to use

What Temperature Does the Cricut Mug Press Reach?

The Cricut Mug Press reaches a temperature of 200c or 392 Degrees.

Does the Cricut Mug Press Need to use a Mat?

Nope! The Cricut Mug Press is designed so the outside of the press doesn’t get hot. You can safely place it on a table or countertop without the surface getting hot. However, you will need a Cricut EasyPress mat or similar item to place your hot mugs on when they come out of the Mug Press. You can also use a potholder.

How Long Does the Cricut Easy Press Take?

To warm up the Cricut Mug Press takes just under 4 minutes. Mine clocked in at 3 mins 40 seconds.

To press a design the Cricut Mug Press takes about 5 minutes.

What do the Color Lights on the Cricut Mug Press mean?

When you turn the Cricut Mug press on the orange light indicates that the mug press is warming up and the green light means the mug press is ready to use and fully heated up.

The 5 blinking lights indicate where your mug is at in the process.

What Mugs Can be Used with the Cricut Mug Press?

You can use Cricut’s new range of mugs available in sizes 12oz and 15oz. You can also use sublimation mugs with the Cricut Mug Press. You’ll need a mug that fits the following dimensions:

  • White or light-colored for more vibrant transfers
  • Capacity of 12 – 15 oz (350-450ml)
  • Straight-walled drinkware only, avoid curves and uneven textures
  • Outer Diameter between 3.2″ – 3.4″ (82 – 86 mm)
  • Maximum height of 4.72″ (120 mm)

The Cricut mug dimensions are:

Small mug: 8.75″ x 3.79″ (22.2 cm x 9.6 cm) 12 ounces
Big mug: 8.75″ x 4.25″ (22.2 cm x 10.8 cm) 15 ounces

You cannot use any white mug that you find in a store like Walmart or Target. You need to make sure it’s a sublimation or Cricut Mug. The good thing about Cricut Mugs is they’ll be easily available in stores like Target, Walmart, Michael’s, Joann, and Hobby Lobby, unlike sublimation mugs which generally need to be ordered online.

Will there be Fading with the Cricut Mug Press?

Nope! I know Infusible Ink can be tricky sometimes and you can get faded spots on projects, but I have not encountered that problem with the Cricut Mug Press. You can get bubbles or slight fading around the edges of the mug, but the easiest and simplest way to prevent that is to add Cricut Heat Tape around the edges to make sure the design is pressed down firmly.

When you place your design on the mug you’ll want to press it down firmly and evenly, making sure there are no air bubbles in the material/design, and then tape the edges. The Cricut Mug Press is designed to give your mug a firm and even press so that fading won’t happen. I’ve made several mugs now and have had no issues with fading, YAY!

Do I have to use Mug Press Infusible Ink Sheets?

The Cricut Mug Press has infusible ink sheets that are designed specifically for the mugs. These are similar to how the Cricut Joy has its own line of vinyl, infusible ink, and iron-on. It’s the same material as the big infusible ink sheets, it’s just cut into a smaller size to be easier to use with the mugs so you’ll waste less material. You do not have to use the Cricut Mug Press infusible ink and can use the bigger sheets of Infusible Ink.

disney infusible ink mug
mug made with Infusible Ink Sheet Rainbow Triangles

You can cut down the big infusible ink sheets. You can cut them down to 4.5 in by 12 in, but I load the sheet onto my mat, cut out my infusible ink wrap, cut off the top excess of the sheet, and then save the rest of the sheet for another project.

Do the Cricut Mug Press Infusible Ink Sheets come with Butcher Paper?

No, the Cricut Mug Press Infusible Ink Sheets do not come with butcher paper. You will need to buy your own butcher paper when using the infusible ink pens. This butcher paper is a good one to use. You’ll cut your butcher paper for the mug press infusible ink to about 3¾” x 9”. You do not need to use butcher paper with the Infusible Ink sheets, only the pens.

I’ve seen people mention using parchment paper before, but I wanted to confirm with Cricut if this was ok to use and they said not to use it because parchment paper can leave a film. Using plain butcher paper with infusible ink is best.

Does the Cricut Mug Press Get Hot?

The outside of the mug press does not get hot, but the minty-colored inside does. Do not touch the metal plate inside of the mug press or the mint-colored area. While the outside of the mug press doesn’t get hot, it does get warm. Use caution when you’re around the mug press.

When removing your mug from the mug press you can touch the handle of your mug. The handle should not be hot, but the rest of the mug will be hot. Be careful when handling the hot mug and place it on a heat-safe surface to cool like a potholder or EasyPress mat.

Does the Cricut Mug Press Smell?

The first few times you use your Cricut Mug Press it will have a bit of a “new” smell to it, but it will go away and should no longer have a smell after a few uses. I noticed the same smell with all of my EasyPresses. The smell is harmless, but if you’re worried about it then use your Mug Press in a well-ventilated room or open a window while it’s in use.

How to get Infusible Ink off the Mug Press

If your ink bleeds onto the inside of your Cricut Mug Press you can easily clean it off with a damp rag. Make sure the mug press is completely cooled and then take a damp rag, not wet or dripping, and wipe the surface clean.

How Much is the Cricut Mug Press?

The Cricut Mug Press will be available on, Michaels, Joann, Hobby Lobby, Target, HSN, Walmart, and with an MSRP of $199.


Where to Buy the Cricut Mug Press

You can buy the Cricut Mug Press online and in stores like Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann, HSN, and There will be bundles available for the Cricut Mug Press that come with infusible ink, mugs, and the mug press.

Cricut Mug Press how to use

How to Use the Cricut Mug Press

Now that you know all about the Cricut Mug Press, where to buy the Cricut mug press, and how much the Cricut Mug Press will cost I am sure you want to know how to use the Cricut Mug Press. Check out my Cricut Mug Press tutorial with a few project ideas.

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Tuesday 29th of November 2022

What are the different temperatures you can set your mug press to?


Saturday 3rd of December 2022

There aren't different temperatures. It has an auto temp, but there is a way to lower the temp if your designs are burning. The steps are on the Cricut website.


Sunday 30th of October 2022

I just used mine for the first time! Woot! Printed a photo onto sublimation paper, trimmed it down, taped it on. Thank you for pointing out that you have to register the press! Mine took about 5 minutes to heat up, less than 5 to press, 10 to cool. The photo is beautiful! I'm in love with the mug press!


Wednesday 7th of July 2021

Thank you for the for the informative article on the Mug Press. I am new to Cricut and was thinking of starting with this. This looks easy and fun!

Jacqueline McIntyre

Monday 3rd of May 2021

Thank you for tips. I made mine. I will stick in using the cricut mug press sheets. I love it!


Wednesday 28th of April 2021

Hi, If I make a mug can I add something else to the design later?


Sunday 2nd of May 2021

You can, but there is a possibility of fading on the original design. I haven't had this issue, but have seen others say it has happened to them.

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