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Hot Wheels Easter Basket Tutorial

Hot Wheels Easter Basket Tutorial

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Our son has been obsessed with Hot Wheels for awhile now. It’s all he plays with and anytime we go to the store and he sees Hot Wheels cars he wants a new one. We recently went to Monster Jam, which has a partnership with Hot Wheels, and our son fell in love. Ever since he’s been talking about wanting to go back. With Easter being just around the corner I knew I had to make his Easter Basket with a Hot Wheels theme. 

This is one of the quickest and easiest Easter Baskets I’ve ever made. You’ll need a blue pail or Easter basket, screws, acorn nuts, screw driver, and hot wheels. I had a hard time finding a dark blue pail, so I had bought a light blue Easter basket, but then I went to our local Party City for some supplied for my Moana basket and they had a bunch of blue pails. When I originally planned to do this post I figured I would hot glue a track down and be done. I tried that and the track peeled right back up. Hot glue and plastic don’t mix. So then I tried a glue for plastic, problem is you need something to hold the track in place until the glue dries, which can be several hours. That was another fail. So I went to Lowe’s and asked someone for help. They said the best way would be to screw it in place and use acorn nuts. This would be the kid friendliest option. I got my supplies, came home, and got to work. 

Hot Wheels Track Easter Basket

To screw it in you’ll need to poke a hole in the bucket so you can get the screw in place. First I lined up how I want my track to sit and drew a tiny dot where the holes in the track are and where my screw would need to go. You’ll need to use a drill or something very sharp to get a hole about the size of the screw. Put the track down and screw in place, then repeat on the other end. Once the screws are in you’ll want to attach an acorn nuts. This helps to keep the screws from popping out and also makes it so the screw isn’t sticking out into the bucket. Once I figured out how to properly get the track onto the front of the bucket I was done in a few minutes. 

Hot Wheels Easter Basket Tutorial

Hot Wheels Easter Basket

Next, Fill your Hot Wheels Easter Basket with Hot Wheels Items. I am going with a Monster Truck theme so I picked up:

one big Hot Wheels Monster truck

a couple small Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

a Monster Truck Track playset

a few regular Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Easter Basket

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Janet W.

Monday 16th of April 2018

My grandsons absolutely love Hot Wheels and would be so excited to receive this basket of goodies for Easter!

Debbie Welchert

Friday 13th of April 2018

I love this idea. I know what kind of basket my grandson will get next Easter. He loves Hot Wheels too.

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