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Trolls Poppy Tutu Easter Basket Tutorial

Trolls Poppy Tutu Easter Basket Tutorial

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DIY Trolls Poppy Easter Basket Tutorial is the perfect Easter Basket for any little Trolls lover. It’s easy to make and so much fun! Thank you to Hasbro for supplying some Trolls toys for this post.

Trolls Tutu Easter Basket

There have been a few shows/movies that have been HUGE in our home this year and Trolls is one of them. If you ask our daughter what she wants to watch it’s either Trolls or Moana, with Trolls being on 90% of the time. Every year I make my kids their Easter baskets and fill them with small toys and items I know they’ll enjoy. With Trolls being very popular with our toddler I knew I had to make her a Trolls Easter Basket this year.

Trolls Easter Basket

This basket is fairly simple to make and you can pick up all of your supplies from your local craft store. You’ll need a basket with wide openings at the top. I really like the metal baskets because they’re sturdy, last for years, and you can always take the tulle off and re-purpose them. You’ll also need tulle and items for inside of your basket. I got all of my tulle at my local Joann’s store and I found that they had the biggest color selection in store. Since we’re doing Poppy from Trolls I went with an aqua color and hot pink to match her hair and dress, but you could do all pink. If you wanted to do another Trolls character just pick out colors that represent the character and use those.


I like the tulle rolls since they’re the width you’ll need and all you’ll have to do it cut them the length you’ll want. It makes cutting so much easier, but you could also use tulle from the bolt. Since baskets vary by size you’ll want to measure your basket from the rim to the bottom. Once you have that number, say 6 inches, you’ll want to double it and add 1. For a 6 inch tall basket you’ll want to cut your tulle into 13 inch strips. I usually need about 100 strips because I like to double up on my tulle for a fuller look, but you can do a single strip per knot. It’s all about preference. 

Tying the knots is easy, put the tulle on the bottom portion of the top ring, pull the back end over the top, and create a slip knot. Repeat until the whole basket is covered.

Now that your Trolls basket is done you’ll need to fill it with Trolls items. My go to items are something to color, a book to read, 1-2 toys, and a few little items. Since Trolls is so popular right now I was able to find a lot of Trolls Easter basket items like Trolls candy, Tattoos, and more. Walmart had a whole shelf of Trolls Easter items in their Easter section and Target had a bunch of Trolls Candy items in their Easter section.

In our basket I’ve added:

Trolls Book

Trolls Coloring Book

Trolls Poppy Toy – DreamWorks TROLLS MEDIUM DOLL HAIRPLAY. The DreamWorks TROLLS MEDIUM DOLL HAIRPLAY assortment takes hair-raising fun to a new level! Standing nine inches tall, these figures have a special surprise hiding in their plush brushable hair – a baby TROLL! Little ones will have a blast hiding, clipping, and styling each TROLL baby into the hair while playing “hide and seek” or just styling the hair with the included comb. Choose from POPPY and GIA GROOVES. Each sold separately. Available at most major retailers and on

Trolls Branch Toy – Bunker Critter Pod. Each DreamWorks TROLLS character has a unique pod they call home, and now kids can incorporate these pods into their playtime adventures with the DreamWorks TROLLS POD PLAYSET assortment. Featuring fun elements tied to each character, little ones can choose between BRANCH’S CRITTER SCOUT POD or GUY DIAMOND’S GLITTER CRITTER CLUB POD. For even more fun, each pod is interchangeable with the hanging pods in the DreamWorks TOLLS POD’ULAR TROLL TREE playset allowing kids to create an entire DreamWorks TROLLS VILLAGE of their own. Each sold separately. Available at most major retailers and on

Trolls Bubbles (Target Dollar Spot)

Trolls Candy (Target Easter Section)

Trolls Tattoos (Target Easter Section)

Some other items that would work are a Trolls shirt, blanket, DVD, CD of the music, Poppy Costume, Trolls Socks, Trolls toothbrush and toothpaste, Trolls Cup, or any Trolls toy.

With Trolls The Beat Goes On Season 2 having just launched these toys and this basket are perfect for any little Trolls lover.


DIY Trolls Poppy Easter Basket

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Janet W.

Sunday 15th of April 2018

What a cute idea! I love the colors! Definitely "Trolls" colors!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.