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Moana Tutu Easter Basket Tutorial

Moana Tutu Easter Basket Tutorial

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This DIY Moana inspired Tutu Easter Basket is an easy way to celebrate Easter in Moana style. Thank you to Hasbro for sending a Moana Stencil N’ Design Doll to include in our basket.

Moana has been a huge hit in our home this year and with Easter just around the corner I knew I wanted to make our daughter a Moana inspired Easter Basket this year. Every year I make my kids their Easter baskets and fill them with small toys and items I know they’ll enjoy. I try to stick to a certain theme and since Moana has been so popular I knew I had to go with it this year. 

This basket is fairly simple to make and you can pick up all of your supplies from your local craft store. You’ll need a basket with wide openings around the top. (I got my basket at Michael’s) I really like the metal baskets because they’re sturdy, last for years, and you can always take the tulle off and re-purpose them. You’ll also need tulle and items for inside of your basket. I got all of my tulle at my local Joann’s store and I found that they had the biggest color selection in store. Since we’re doing Moana I went with more natural colors and will add in a few pops of red and orange for color. I picked up gold, red, orange, ivory, and white. I really wanted to match her costume colors and found that beige, gold, and ivory were good colors to use. Burlap would also work well. I like the tulle rolls since they’re the width you’ll need and all you’ll have to do it cut them the length you’ll want. It makes cutting so much easier, but you could also use tulle from the bolt. 

Since baskets vary by size you’ll want to measure your basket from the rim to the bottom. Once you have that number, say 6 inches, you’ll want to double it and add 1. For a 7 inch tall basket you’ll want to cut your tulle into 15 inch strips. I usually need about 100 strips because I like to double up on my tulle for a fuller look, but you can do a single strip per knot. It’s all about preference. When you double the layers it makes the color bolder, but I didn’t want bold colors for this basket so I did one layer ivory and one orange. I did this for the whole basket with all the colors.

Here’s the “pattern” I did. ivory + orange, ivory + gold, ivory + red, ivory + gold, white + white, ivory + gold. Repeat around the whole basket.

Tying the knots is easy, put the tulle on the bottom portion of the top ring, pull the back end over the top, and create a slip knot. Repeat until the whole basket is covered. View my Shopkins basket tutorial for pictures on how to do this.

Once your basket is done you’ll want to fill it with Moana goodies. Books, a new doll, figurines, ect. For our Moana Easter Basket I am adding:

DISNEY’S MOANA STENCIL ‘N DESIGN Figure (Ages 3 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Spring 2018)

Create fun and fashionable styles with DISNEY’S MOANA STENCIL ‘N DESIGN Figure! Kids can decorate MOANA’S outfit their own unique way with the included stencils. Fill her coconut-shaped water basin with water, dip the water pen, then drag the pen over the stencil on MOANA’S skirt to create designs and patterns! When the outfit dries, designs will disappear allowing kids to create new looks over and over again. DISNEY’S MOANA STENCIL ‘N DESIGN Figure comes with two skirts, including her signature outfit inspired by the movie. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on

Moana Necklace

Moana Coloring Pages

Moana Book

Plush Hei Hei

Moana Easter Basket

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.