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5 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

5 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

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This post is sponsored by Neato Robotics and contains affiliate links.

We’re into the holiday season and that means work is busy for the husband and me, the kids have more activities, and we’re doing more family things. There’s more cooking going on, shopping to take care of, and life is crazy busy. Trying to juggle it all while keeping the house clean can be hectic, to say the least. Here are some tips for a stress free holiday.

Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

Stay Organized – The biggest key to reducing stress during the holidays is staying organized. Whether you make a list on a piece of paper, use a mobile calendar, or write it all out in a planner keeping track of everything that needs to be done helps to reduce stress. Make a new list each week with tasks that need to get done. Recipes to make, cleaning that needs to be tackled, shopping, ect. Being able to check off your items is also a great feeling.

Use Store Pick-Up and Curb-Side Options – Beat the lines and the stress of holiday shopping by placing your orders online and picking them up in the store or via curbside pickup. Whether it’s for grocery shopping or gifts for loved ones. No lines, less waiting, no crowds, and you can just grab your items and go. Bonus: You don’t have to worry about shipping delays.

Go with the Flow – The holidays can be unpredictable. Things don’t always go as planned during that holidays and that is ok. Like the old saying goes “Plan for the Worst, Prepare for the best”. If something happens and chaos ensues it’s ok. Take a deep breath and revise your plan. The stress isn’t healthy and changing your plan is going to be the best option. YOU GOT THIS.

Take Time to Relax – Make sure you are doing things for self-care during the holidays (and all year long). If you feel the stress coming on do something that relaxed you. Have a drink, watch a favorite show, get outdoors for some fresh air, take a hot bath, or whatever it is that calms you. Regroup and start again the next day. Sometimes all it takes for me is ordering delivery and going to bed early where I get a good night’s rest.

Make Cleaning Easier – Holiday cleaning can be a lot. All the cooking, guest, and decorating means dirty floors and you can make cleaning your floors easier with a Neato D9 or D10 robot vacuum cleaner. When it comes to cleaning floors robot vacuums just make sense in our home (and yours). Our home is mostly carpet with the main level being hardwood and a robot vacuum takes away the burden of having to clean the floors. I can set it to go while we’re out having fun and I can come home to clean floors. Long gone are the days of sweeping and vacuuming because the robot vacuum does it for me.

Neato Robotics just launched their newest vacuums the D9 and D10 just in time for the holidays. While the Neato vacuum makes a great holiday gift, it’s also great to have on hand to help relieve some of the holiday cleaning stress. I’ve had a robot vacuum for a few years now and I couldn’t imagine life without it. It saves me time and energy when it comes to cleaning my floors, I can run it in small areas where the kids have made a mess that needs to be swept up, and it’s one less thing for me to worry about in the chaos of life.

The Neato D9 and D10 are the newest models of Neato Robotics vacuum cleaners. They’re made to clean medium and large-sized homes with ease and can be purchased on Save on free shipping with code FREESHIP on all orders from 10/24/21 – 1/2/22. The Neato D9 takes care of the dirty work when it comes to cleaning your floors with more pickup than the Neato D8 and an Ultra-Performance HEPA-style filter that captures 99.5% of allergens. It has the largest dirt bin on the market for robot vacuums, an extra-wide brush, self-charging, and scheduled cleaning options. Neato will clean when you want and how you want because you’ve got better things to do this holiday season. Get the Neato Robotics D9 Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Flexible and adaptable for no-compromises cleaning in medium-sized homes
  • 200-minute run time covering up to 1,600 sq/ft between recharges 
  • Auto-recharge and resume allow D9 to recharge itself just enough to finish a job
  • 40% greater dust pick up than D3 and D5 
  • 50% quieter Helix multi-surface brush on hard surfaces 
  • Ultra-Performance filter with mesh captures up to 99.5% of allergens as small as 10 microns with an easy-to-clean mesh surface
  • The New MyNeato app simplifies setup, improves creating virtual zones, no-go-zones, scheduling cleaning routines, and on-robot notifications.
  • All features from D8
  • Protects your Privacy. With no cameras or microphones on board, the D10 uses LaserSmart navigation powered by LIDAR to navigate. The D10 doesn’t record images or audio of you or your belongings and state-of-art encryption both on the robot and in the cloud ensure your security. Your data is never sold or shared.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.