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Cricut Explore Air 3 & Cricut Maker 3

Cricut Explore Air 3 & Cricut Maker 3

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Learn all about the newest Cricut Machines: Cricut Explore Air 3 and Cricut Maker 3 that will use smart materials and cut up to 12ft long. These new cricut machines can cut longer, faster, and require no mat for certain materials.

Cricut Explore Air 3 and Maker 3

Cricut announced that their Explore Air and Maker machines are getting new upgrades this year that will allow them to cut larger designs. Cricut heard about our “off the mat” projects where you slice your designs and piece them together for one big design. So they upgraded their machines to have the capability to cut out longer designs so it’s easier for our projects.

After 2 years in the making Cricut will be coming out with an Explore Air 2 and Maker 3 on June 10th!

Cricut Explore Air 3, mint green matte finish

Explore Air 3 and Maker 3 Features:

  • Load and go when cutting designs
  • No cutting mat required with Smart materials
  • 2x Faster cutting with smart materials
  • Cut up to 12 ft long
  • No smart dial for changing materials (you’ll change your material in the software like when using the Cricut Joy)
  • The tools you use with your current machines will work on the new machines
  • The current mats you have will work with the new machines
  • Explore Air 3 has a matte finish and the Maker 3 has a glossy finish, only 1 color available for each machine currently
  • Print and Cut on colored paper, before it was only white
  • Optional addition of a smart roll holder/feeder
  • Both machines have a tablet holder slot on the lid of the machine when it’s open
  • Guide slots so your material is always straight and feeds into the machine evenly and easily
Cricut Maker 3

What’s the difference between Explore Air 3 and Maker 3?

The differences to the new Cricut machines are the same differences as the current machines, the tools. The Maker 3 has more tools available to do things like engraving, embossing, knife blade, etc. The Maker 3 can cut more materials like wood and leather. The Explore Air 3 has 6 tools while the Maker 3 has 13 tools. Both machines can cut up to 12ft and will use the same smart materials.

What Smart Materials are available for the Explore Air 3 and Maker 3?

So far they have announced Smart Vinyl, Smart Iron-on, and a brand new material Smart Cardstock Paper that is sticky. These materials will cut 2x faster than the maker and explore air 2 and they don’t need a mat.

What are Cricut Smart Materials?

Cricut Smart materials were introduced when the Cricut Joy came out. They are materials that don’t need a mat to cut. You just load them and go. They have a thicker backing so that they can be cut without a mat. Smart Materials special backing also allows the Cricut machine to read how much material you’ve loaded into your machine so it cuts the perfect amount every time and you aren’t wasting materials. It also makes sure you have enough material for the project before it starts to cut.

Right now the smart materials for the Maker 3 and Explore Air 3 are Iron-On, Vinyl, and Cardstock Sticky Paper. All will be available in a variety of colors and finishes. They come in lengths from 3ft to 75ft and there will also be new transfers tape to go with the smart materials.

Where to buy the Explore Air 3 and Maker 3

Both machines will be available on June 10th online at Cricut, Michaels, Amazon, and other online retailers. They’ll be available in stores on June 27th at your favorite craftings stores like Michaels, Joann, Hobby Lobby, and more.

How much is the Cricut Explore Air 3 and Maker 3

The Explore Air 3 will retail for $299 and the Maker 3 will retail for $399.

Materials will range in price from $7.99 to $99.99

13-inch trimmer will be $19.99

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