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Are you a parent looking for ways to help your child with their math homework or schoolwork? Photomath could be a simple and easy solution for you. I’m sharing how Photomath is helping parents conquer math homework. Thank you to Photomath for sponsoring this post.

Math homework, EW! Am I right? I’ve always hated math and oddly enough my kids love it. My 5th grader will do Prodigy (math games) for fun and my 1st grader often asks me for math worksheets to work on. Thankfully our kindergartner and 1st grader have easy math work, but 5th-grade math makes me want to cry.

Photomath for homework help must have back to school supplies

This year a lot of parents are taking on a bigger role in their children’s education and classwork. Many of us went from helping with a few worksheets a week and keeping tabs on what our kids were doing in school to helping our kids learn everything. While I love being more involved in their daily learning I am not thrilled about 5th grade math.

When is the last time you did 5th grade math? For me, it was more than likely in 5th grade and I am sure it’s the same for many of you too. I can’t remember the last time I added fractions (outside of baking) or did long division. Long division is something I’ve always disliked and struggled with. Let’s not even get me started on High School math. That stuff brought me to tears of frustration.

Thankfully kids have a lot more options available to them when it comes to their education then we did growing up. There are Youtube videos, online tutorials, and even apps that can help with math homework. I recently learned about a new app called Photomath and shared about it on Facebook. The reaction was huge and I could instantly see that many parents were in the same boat as me, they hated math and didn’t know they were going to help their kids this upcoming school year.

Photomath has been a LIFESAVER for me and helping my 5th grader with her math. I’m a bit rusty on how to do long division, but the app is very helpful in walking you through the steps of how to do a math problem. I really wish I had something so easy to understand while I was struggling with math growing up.


Photomath is ridiculously easy to use. The app is free in the IOS and Google Play stores and there is no setup involved once the app has been installed. Just open it up and start working on problems. You can stick with the free version of Photomath and it will give you step by step directions on how to complete a problem, but I am really enjoying the Photomath Plus upgrade because the animated tutorials are REALLY helpful.

Photomath Plus does have a fee, either monthly or yearly. I’d encourage the yearly fee since it’s a lot cheaper than paying monthly. It’s 100% worth it and there is a free 7-day trial to test it out before you buy!

I’ll need this. 👍🏼 Homeschooling tips: Get Photomath:

Posted by The Denver Housewife on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Since I originally shared about Photomath on Facebook I got a lot of questions about the app and wanted to answer some of them here.

What levels of math does Photomath cover? It covers math from elementary to some college level. From basic math to trigonometry. And yes, it helps with common core!

How do I use it? It’s so easy! You open the app and can either scan a written or printed math problem with the app’s camera. It scans the problem and gives you an answer with a breakdown of how to solve the problem. You can also input problems via their scientific calculator in the app.

Is this for kids? It can be. I wouldn’t give the app to my kids and let them use it unattended because I’d be worried about cheating. For me, I would use the app with my child as a guide to help us understand math better. I think it’s a really great learning tool for families to use together. If you are comfortable giving the app to a child to use alone, then do so, but just be mindful that they’re using it appropriately. It could also be good for kids to check their work. Once they’ve finished a math problem they could use the app to verify that their answer is correct and if it’s not the step by step instructions could show them where they went wrong.

Photomath for math homework
How to use photomath for math homework

The one thing I saw the most was that parents were looking for a tool like this to help their kids with math homework. It’s a struggle for many of us and after using this app it’s helped me a lot to be able to help my daughter more with her math homework and understand what I am doing. It’s giving you the answers, but also educate you in the process. I don’t look forward to math as my kids get older, like high school, but with a tool like this in my pocket I know I’ll be able to help my kids and understand their math a little bit more.


Photomath was created by a father to help his children with their math homework. An engineer by background, Damir Sabol had a solid foundation in math but he frequently found it challenging to explain math concepts and solutions to his son during homework time. And that is how Photomath was born in 2014. Out of a frustrated father trying to help his kids understand math homework.

Photomath is now the most used math app in the world with over 190 million global downloads. Photomath is available in over 30+ languages and uses AI technology to recognize math problems and produce step-by-step explanations to the problems instantaneously.

Photomath also has an in-house team of math experts (many of whom were previously math teachers) whose full-time job it is to think through what the best way to explain and solve a problem is.

How to get help with kids math homework

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