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9 Best Apps For Homeschooling

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Today, homeschooling is growing increasingly popular. Barring special circumstances that would prevent children from attending public schools, many families enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with homeschooling.

One of those freedoms is the ability to integrate technology into your child’s curriculum. It is no secret that kids love tech, and using it for school can be very beneficial for your child. There are many apps available for phones and tablets that can be easily integrated into your child’s homeschool curriculum.

Following are some great apps that your child will love. These apps are sure to help supplement education, creativity, and fun!


PhotoMath is a free online app that allows students to scan math problems and work and get full solutions. This is great for complicated problems, as students can scan them and work through them with the help of the app.

One of the best things about PhotoMath is that it solves problems step by step.  This helps children (and parents!) learn how to solve problems.

PhotoMath supports elementary through high school math, so it’s a great app for families with multiple children.


Minecraft is a paid game where you must create, build, hunt, and of course, mine for resources on an adventure to beat the Ender Dragon. Minecraft can even be used academically with your homeschool students.

Students can use Minecraft’s creative mode to build and act out scenes from books or plays. They can also use it to create art projects or even build models of what they are learning about. 

Additionally, Minecraft as a video game presents players with a unique challenge that is sure to make them use their brain and their creativity, making it perfect for younger students! 

Add to that the ability for multiple players to play with one another, and Minecraft is a fantastic app for homeschool students.


Duolingo is a free language learning app for users of all ages. Learners can select the language they want to use as well as the goals for the course. For example, you can choose to learn German and set your goal at 5 minutes a day.

Duolingo’s system allows for multiple types of instruction when learning a language. Learners will have to identify words, write them out, and say them aloud as they move down the list of courses.

There are even gems, experience points, and leaderboards making Duolingo more like a game than an academic experience, but the benefits cannot be understated.

For very young kids, you can also check out Duolingo ABC which teaches them the alphabet in a similar format to their main platform.


ABCmouse is a program designed to give your child a headstart before and during the early years of school. Students will learn basic math, reading, writing, history, and science which will prepare them for school.

While not technically for homeschoolers, this app is fantastic for young children and kindergarteners. ABCmouse has been proven to provide an academic edge in young children and it makes for the perfect activity for parents and kids to do. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free app that provides students with an incredible amount of educational content. On the app, students can find hundreds of hours of online video lessons covering nearly every academic topic they could think of.

The app has videos for many different grades, and with new ones being added consistently, it is perfect for kids of all ages. You can also find Khan Academy videos on YouTube. The app also features a large amount of practice questions to test your comprehension of the many subjects to study.


BioInteractive is a great app for learning and studying biology, as well as other types of science. Students will study all sorts of scientific concepts from atoms to fossils. Additionally, there are all sorts of activities that students can complete to enhance their learning.

This app is better suited for high schoolers and college students, as its interactive modules are geared towards older kids. Science is made easy with the bevy of modules, activities, and lessons offered by BioInteractive.


Both Quizlet and Cram allow you to make and study custom flashcards. These are great for older kids as it allows them to easily study material and commit it to memory. Additionally, Cram offers games that students can play with their custom flashcard sets.

Digital flashcards are great for studying, as students will study them as they make the sets, and then again and again whenever they want. And because both apps are available on phones, it is easy to study wherever you are, for however long you want.

Learn World Geography

Learn World Geography is great for studying the locations of countries, continents, flags, and capitals. Trough quizzes and flashcards, players can memorize the geography of the world at their own pace.

This app is better for older students, but some younger students can make great use of it too. For younger students, try Stack The States and Stack The Countries which help with identifying the shape, names, and capitals of states and countries.


Switch Zoo is a free app that helps younger students learn all about animals. They will learn names, sounds, and behaviors of these animals. This is a great start for younger kids to learn about biology and the world as well.

Similarly, Zoo Tycoon is a game that tasks players with building and running their very own zoo. Along the way, they will have to take care of all the animals and manage guest and employee satisfaction. 

However, the game also provides quite a bit of information about the animals you are raising, making it a great educational choice for older kids.

One of the best perks of homeschooling is how much freedom and control you have over your child’s curriculum. This of course includes the ability to incorporate technology to further your child’s education.

These apps are designed with fun, creativity,and education in mind and are perfect for all types of students. Additionally, many of them are free, or certainly worth the cost for the benefits you and your child will receive.

These apps serve as the perfect place to start integrating technology into your child’s curriculum and enhance their academic career.

Best homeschooling apps for kids

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.