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Slime King and queen shirt + free svg

Slime King and queen shirt + free svg

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Celebrating a slime birthday and want to make the birthday kid a cute shirt? This Slime Queen and Slime King shirt is quick to cut, easy to put together, and can be done quickly for a cute birthday slime king and queen shirt!

Slime Queen Birthday Shirt for Kids

I recently shared about how we had an at home slime birthday for our daughter and for her birthday I made her a cute shirt to wear. I love making shirts for my kids and recently have started creating my own SVG files too. If there is an occasion where I can make the kids a shirt, I will.

All you need to make this shirt is

To make our Slime Queen shirt I used items that I already had on hand. I used a Cricut kids shirt, Infusible Ink, and Glitter Iron-On, but you can use whatever material you see fit. You can use different colors of regular Iron-On, all glitter, all infusible ink, or a combo of materials. I wanted the slime crown to be sparkly so I used gold glitter iron-on and then I used some infusible ink for the slime part.

If you’re going to use infusible ink you will need to use the Cricut kids shirt, but if you are using just iron-on you can use any cotton shirt.

Layering Infusible Ink and Iron-On are easy to do, you just need to adjust the temps per the directions on for the material you’re using. I always do my infusible ink first when layering per the directions Cricut gives. Once it has cooled I apply my glitter iron-on per their directions. Apply a good amount of pressure with your EasyPress when applying both materials.

You can see another example of layering infusible ink and iron-on on my tote bags.

How to Make a Slime Queen or King Shirt

  • Download SVG file(s)
  • Open Design Space (or whatever machine software you’re using) and load the SVG file
  • Adjust the size to fit your shirt
  • Cut it out per material directions
  • Weed design
  • Open the shirt and run a lint roller over it
  • Run EasyPress over the shirt to get out any wrinkles then let cool for a few minutes
  • Apply slime splatter per material directions with your EasyPress
  • Apply slime crown per material directions with your EasyPress
  • Let shirt cool and it’s ready to wear
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Kaylee Voight

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

This is so fun

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