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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Park Meadows Mall!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Park Meadows Mall!

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Thank you to Park Meadows for Sponsoring this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. All gift ideas are my own and I’ve been a Park Meadows shopper for years! #ShopLocal #ILoveParkMeadows

Love is in the air and if you’re like me you love to spoil the ones you love. Something sparkly, something sweet, and something pretty are always good gifts to give and Park Meadows Mall has all of that and more. There a few Gifts I have to pick up for Valentine’s Day like my husband, kids, and teacher gifts. We live fairly close to Park Meadows Mall and these days it’s one of my top shopping destinations because it has most of the stores I shop at frequently. I recently stopped in to do some shopping for Valentine’s Day and found so many things that would be perfect.

For the teachers in our life I stopped into Sephora and got them each a hydrating face mask and lip balm and then went over to Lolli & Pop and got them a strawberry cheesecake chocolate bar. I wanted to get them something to pamper themselves with after a long day. Since Colorado is so dry I went with hydrating masks and lip balm and for something fun and sweet a delicious candy bar from Lolli & Pop. I’m sure they all have a million coffee mugs and apple themed things, so I like to try and do something a little different to show them how thankful we are for them.

Someone into Home Decor & Cooking: A stop into Crate & Barrel would be perfect! There are so many cute cooking utensils, cozy blankets, and must have wine glasses. 

Outdoors: Whether your love is into hiking, skiing, or working out then Dick’s Sporting Goods or Athletica are perfect. Athletica is packed with stylish workout clothing like strappy sports bras, open back tops, and comfy pants.

Kids: Disney store or American Girl are what my kids go gaga over. I always get my kids something small like a new car or small toy and some candy. Since our daughter is big into American Girl I’ll get her doll a new outfit or book, my son a new Disney car, and our littlest is happy with a new Tsum Tsum. 

Tech Lover: Brookstone, Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon all have stores for the one you love. From Head phones to massage chairs you can get the tech lover in your life something they’ll want. On my list is a new smart watch!

Something Sexy: Victoria’s Secret. From lingerie to pj’s there is something to make a woman feel sexy. I’m in love with their lace back bras. GORGEOUS! They also have a lot of the blush color that is so popular right now.

Something Sweet: Godiva or Lolli & Pop. Chocolate, do I need to say more? Both stores have to die for chocolate, but Lolli & Pop has such fun flavors like cookie butter truffles, potato chip chocolate bars, and champagne truffles. I stopped into Lolli & Pop and got the teachers on my list some delicious chocolates and then into Godiva for the kids. 

Something Pretty: Michael Kors. MK is packed with gorgeous shoes, accessories, and purses. As a purse lover they have some pretty stuff in lots of beautiful designs and colors. A hot color this spring is blush pink and they had lots of items in this sought after color. Bonus, pink is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Something Sparkly: Pandora. I love their charm bracelets, but their other jewelry is gorgeous as well. It’s such a fun and memorable way to capture the important things in life and it will have a unique story behind it. My sister’s husband got her one and for each new memory they create her husband gets her a new charm. 

Beauty Guru: Lush or Sephora. So many options! My favorite things at lush are their bath bombs, bubble bars (which my kids love), and lip scrub, but you can’t go wrong with anything in their store. The Valentine’s Day boxes are great gifts. Sephora is a must for a new perfume or cologne, new lip shade, or beauty product.

Men: The Art of Shaving. Almost every guy shaves, right? So many cool men’s products in here to help your love with their grooming needs.

Date Night: Park Meadows has that covered too. So many amazing places to eat like Perry’s Steak House, Cheesecake factory, Brio, P.F. Changs, and YardHouse to name a few. We typically spend Valentine’s Day as a family so P.F. Changs or Cheesecake factory would be where we head, but if we were going out alone we would be enjoying a delicious steak at Perry’s. 

There are so many great stores in Park Meadows and it’s so hard to pick out the perfect gift. I hope some of these stores and gift ideas will hep you pick out the perfect gift for the love in your life and brighten their day. Valentine’s Day isn’t about the gifts, but it never hurts to spoil someone a little and Park Meadows can help you make that happen!

Do you follow me on Instagram? I’m sharing all these gift ideas and more there. Since I stop into Park Meadows fairly often I am often showing what I am up to while there!


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