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DIY Watercolor Canvas Art + Gymboree’s Spring Collection!

DIY Watercolor Canvas Art + Gymboree’s Spring Collection!

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I’ve teamed up with Gymboree to bring you this kid friendly, low mess, and easy DIY Watercolor Canvas Art project that is perfect for letting your little ones creative sides run wild. #followyourart

Watercolor projects for kids

I love to craft and that love has transferred onto my kids. Anytime I am in my office crafting away, one (or all) of them comes down and instantly wants to start getting creative too. There are coloring marks on the walls, papers with doodles, and our oldest has notebooks full of her drawings. I love watching them get creative and seeing what their imagination sparks, so when Gymboree reached out and wanted to team up for their #followyourart campaign I jumped at the chance. 

I’ve been a Gymboree lover since I was pregnant with our oldest daughter. Their styles are always so cute, colorful, and perfect for my rambunctious kids and all the shenanigans they get into. I can always find them cute coordinating outfits that let them express their styles, but keep up with their playful lifestyles.

Outfit details for the kids:

C is in toddler sizes and wearing a Marbled Cardigan // Floral Tee // Sparkle Leggings // Bow shoes // Bird Clips

M is in girls sizes and wearing Marbled Cardigan // Peace Tee // Ankle Zip Pants // Bow Shoes

W is in toddler boys and wearing Dino Shirt // Chino Shorts // Canvas Sneakers

Gymboree Kids Clothing for Spring

It’s been so cold in Colorado lately and it’s currently snowing, but I am beyond ready for spring. Warmer weather, green grass and trees, and sending my kids outside with their creativity. We still have several more weeks until that starts to happen, so for now I am finding ways to keep them busy indoors. 

I’ve been wanting some art work for our living room, but I wanted it to be personal. I put my kids to work and had them create some beautiful watercolor canvas art on our snowy day indoors and they had so much fun. The best part as a mom is that it’s almost mess free and was very easy for them do to.

What you’ll need:

Canvas (any size). I used 11×14. (I buy mine from Michael’s, make sure to bring your coupons.)

Art grade Tissue Paper, like Spectra Art Tissue Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue.

Spray Bottle with Water.

Paper Punches (optional)

Scissors (optional)

What you’ll do:

Decide if you want to do shapes or rip up paper. We did a little of everything so my kids had variety. 

I got my paper punches from Michael’s and like a 1 to 1 1/2 inch size. To punch tissue paper you’ll need to do multiple layers at once. Since it’s thin if you try to do just one it will tear. Just take a stack of tissue paper and punch it all together. 

Next comes the kids. Give them each a canvas and have them spray it lightly with the water bottle. This will help the tissue paper to stick to the canvas.

Once your canvas is a little wet you’ll start adding your tissue paper. This is where their creativeness comes in. Shapes, colors, patterns, ect.

Their fingers will turn colors a little, but it washes right off!

Once all of their tissue paper is on the canvas you’ll give it a good spray of water and let it dry. 

Once the tissue paper is dry (it will start to lift off the canvas), remove it from the canvas. You’ll be left with a new piece of artwork that was created by your little ones and the Spectra Art Tissue Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue leaves a watercolor effect on the canvas. 

*The reason you’ll want to use Spectra Art Tissue Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue vs store brand tissue paper is because it’s more vibrant and leaves more color.

What art projects are a favorite with your little ones?

Watercolor Canvas Art

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Sunday 11th of February 2018

This is such an awesome idea, can’t wait to try it with the kiddos! Love Gymboree too, what cute outfits!

Marie Taylor

Sunday 11th of February 2018

Water color canvas- This is a well write blog that will make it easy for my grandkids to do! I like the photos showing the various steps, of the project, and completed art work! Also, the details in why that brand of tissue works, for a better end results!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.