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2021 24 Days of Elf on The Shelf Ideas & Elf on the Shelf Calendar!

2021 24 Days of Elf on The Shelf Ideas & Elf on the Shelf Calendar!

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24 Days of Elf on the Shelf with Free Printable Calendar! The Elf on the Shelf Calendar will keep you organized, prepared, and ready for each day of Elf on the Shelf antics.

Do you take part in the antics of Elf on the Shelf? I have been trying to avoid it because I know myself, I’ll forget to move the little bugger, but last year our daughter mentioned that a few of her friends had one and why didn’t she? Now, I don’t typically follow what all the other kids are doing and try to teach my kids the same, but this seems too cute and I know my kids will enjoy it. Today I went out and got our Elf and he’ll arrive with adoption papers tomorrow for the kids.

Since I know I’ll forget to move the little elf I knew that the two things to keep me on track is 1. putting our elf into cute and fun situations that my kids will enjoy. Because let’s be real, my kid’s excitement is what the holidays are all about, and 2. a Calendar. If I map out what I am going to do each night and have a few days to prepare it will help me to stay on track. I usually go to bed shortly after my kids so everything will be stuff I can put together while they’re at school and be ready to go after bed and super easy. I am not about the complicated and overboard elf antics. Fun, simple, and easy works for us!

Paperwork via Etsy

December 1st. Elf Arrival with Adoption papers and letter from Santa, Elf on the Shelf Book, and a sweet treat. I picked up some candy from the $1 spot in Target, winning. If this is your first year doing Elf on the Shelf. If this isn’t your first year, check out this Elf on the Shelf arrival box.

December 2nd. Elf on the Shelf Snow Angel. I haven’t decided if we’ll do sprinkles or flour, but a snow angel is happening.

December 3rd. Each year our kids get one new “fun ornament” So Elf will bring the kids their new ornaments.

via Elf on the Shelf

December 4th. Elf on the Shelf Hot Air Balloon. 

December 5th. Bring a Melted Snow Man

December 6th. Elf on the Shelf Bananas.

December 7th. Riding a Dinosaur.

December 8th. Mustaches on Family picture.

December 9th. Coloring.

December 10th. Hanging from something. I think I’ll have him hang from something on our mantle.

December 11th. Tree Hammock.

December 12th. Halfway to Christmas present. Something small like a new hot wheels car or blind bag.

December 13th. Playing a new board game.

December 14th. Marshmallow Bubble Bath.

December 15th. Zip Line

December 16th. Brings Donuts and Elf Donuts.

December 17th. Kissing Booth

December 18th. Down the stairs in a TP roll

December 19th. Elf in fridge drinking chocolate syrup

December 20th. Brings a craft kit


December 21st. Elf tying up the grinch

December 22nd. Cookie Decorating. Elf will deliver all the supplies for Christmas cookies and a new Santa Cookies Plate.

December 23rd. Santa Letters. Elf will deliver items for kids to write their Santa Letters.

December 24th. Christmas Eve Boxes. Elf on the Shelf will deliver a goodbye letter and Christmas Boxes.

What’s your favorite situation to get your elf into? Make sure to follow our Elfs antics on Instagram! I’ll be posting our elf daily.

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Kristina Prewitt

Thursday 18th of January 2018

I needed to see this in December. We have a very lazy elf.......or a very forgetful mommy! LOL!

Jess Housel

Wednesday 17th of January 2018

I am def bookmarking this for next year! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

James Robert

Friday 5th of January 2018

I should have looked at this post when mine was out. You're creative, loved the banana idea

Janet W.

Monday 11th of December 2017

I'm already running out of ideas around here, so thank you for these cute ones!

Sara Zielinski

Tuesday 5th of December 2017

The elf on the shelf is a great Christmas tradition.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.