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Christmas Traditions: The Christmas Eve Pajama Box!

Christmas Traditions: The Christmas Eve Pajama Box!

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The Christmas Eve Pajama box is perfect as a Christmas Eve Christmas gift for kids or as a going home gift from their elf on the shelf!

When I had my first child 14 years ago I started a tradition of new Christmas pj’s on Christmas eve. He would get a new pair of pj’s to wear to bed on Christmas Eve and then he would wake up wearing them and get to enjoy them while opening his gifts on Christmas morning. I would also give him one gift early. Fast forward to now, it’s still something I do every year. The kids love getting their new pj’s and each year I have fun picking out their new coordinating sets of Christmas pajamas.

Christmas Traditions for Kids

Christmas is my favorite Holiday and we have several traditions that we do each year. Baking and decorating cookies on Christmas Eve, New Christmas pj’s, eating Mcdonalds while driving around to see the Christmas lights, and picking out a new ornament for the “kids” Christmas tree. The McDonalds tradition is a bit of a funny story. My mom always took us to drive around and see Christmas lights when we were growing up. There is a neighborhood near her that goes all out for Christmas and people from all over drive to see them. We had just got done viewing them and her car started to overheat. She pulled into a McDonalds parking lot and we went inside to eat while we waited for the car to calm back down. After that we made it into a family joke and it’s something we’ve done ever since. Now that I’m a mom and my mom is a few states away, it’s something I do with my kids.

Christmas ornaments are also a lot of fun. We have our big tree in our living room, but I also put up a small tree in the family room and that’s the kids Christmas tree. It’s decorated with all their favorite ornaments that they get to pick out. Things like super heroes, my little pony, and all kinds of cartoon characters. They have such a blast with that tree and each year I take them to pick out 1-2 new ornaments for their tree.

As my kids get older and I see how much fun they have with our family traditions I want to do more things like that. It’s those memories I know they’ll hold onto and cherish vs getting their whole wish list. I still have fond memories of some of the Christmas gifts I got growing up. Items I really wanted to have, like a new bike or a cabbage patch doll, but other then that I couldn’t tell you the other items my parents gave me, but those are the memories I am striving to make with my kids. Where they remember getting that one must have item and doing the little things like driving around to see the lights.

Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Pajama Box

Instead of giving my kids one gift on Christmas I started giving them a Christmas Eve box, which replaces the one gift. It’s a gift box with:

For our boxes I do candy and popcorn, but any of your little ones favorite snacks will work, and for the activities I hit up the dollar spot in Target and got some of the Christmas stuff they have like new coloring books, Christmas craft sets, and books. Place it all in a gift box and give it to them on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition they will grow to love and I look forward to doing it for my kids each year.

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Raye Muldoon

Wednesday 22nd of November 2017

We do Christmas Eve boxes too! I enjoy reading about others traditions.

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