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Recap: Capital One #BankingReimagined Tour and Café Experience!

Recap: Capital One #BankingReimagined Tour and Café Experience!

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A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the Capital One Banking Reimagined Tour and to check out the Capital One Café located in Denver, Colorado. I wasn’t sure about what to expect and was a little nervous, but I was excited to check out everything they had to offer. I’m always open to listening to new ways, tips, and advice about how to manage our finances better and meet our goals, so I was really open to seeing what the Capital One Café had to offer.

My first stop on my adventure was to visit the Capital One Café in Denver. I was greeted by some very friendly staff members who gave me a tour of all the amenities Capital One offers, like private meeting rooms, a conference room, financial workshops that help with boosting savings and, meeting your goals, managing your finances and so much more. They also have a very awesome ATM which allows you to take out any denomination of money. If you need $12, you can take out $12. How cool is that? It’s something I’ve never seen before.

In addition to everything else, they offer free workshops and sessions with a money coach, which I believe are amazing tools to have available. Especially since they’re all free. The workshops range in topics from planning for your wedding to preparing for your golden years and everything in between. You can visit to see which workshops are available and get all the info about attending.

Most of my visit was spent checking out the Money Coaching which they expect to be adding to Denver this spring. The Money Coach works with you to help you align your values, beliefs, goals, and spending to move toward what you want in life. Money Coaches are not financial advisors but rather certified life coaches who can help you change your perspective on your relationship with money. It’s a very relaxed setting where you touch on your feelings towards money. You go over things like how money makes you feel, why it makes you feel that way, beliefs about money, and things you can to do change – or strengthen – those beliefs. It really got me thinking about certain aspects of my relationship with money and ways to change it. When I first sat down, I thought it would be more about how you’re spending money and going over financial statements, but it was more about the feelings and why you do certain things or feel certain ways. It was very eye opening. Overall I had a great experience and I believe it’s a session everyone should take part in. With the Capital One Café you can get up to 3 free sessions with a Money Coach that can cover any financial topic you’re struggling with.

Banking Reimagined Tour

My next stop was to check out the Banking Reimagined Tour and once I arrived I was given a personalized card that I used throughout the experience. Then I headed into the state-of-the-art 54-foot trailer housing a smart, personal digital experience. I had to answer some hard questions that really got me thinking about my financial goals, like having to pick which would be more important – buying a house or preparing for my golden years. Itf really made you dig deep into yourself and decide what was most important to you.

Next was the augmented reality where you interact with 3D holographic imagery in real space and time, bringing your financial goals to life. Then you step into a private booth where you record a message to your future self, reminding yourself of your future goals and dreams. Finally you finish up with a selfie in the selfie booth.

If you’re in the Denver area, stop by the Capital One Café and take advantage of all the wonderful services they offer. I believe they could be really beneficial to those looking for guidance on reaching their financial goals and helpful in making people confident with their finances!


You can learn more about the Capital One cafes at

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