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Instant Pot Honey Citrus Carnitas w/ Avocado Lime Cream

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I’ve teamed up with Nature Nate’s to bring you this Instant Pot Honey Citrus Carnitas recipe using their raw and unfiltered honey.

Tacos are a staple in our home and they’re on the menu weekly, but I like to switch it up and do a variety of different meats and toppings to keep them fun. Carnitas are something I love, but I’ve always been scared to make them because I was scared I would mess them up. These Honey Citrus Carnitas are some of the best I’ve ever had and I keep going back for more. Nature Nate’s Raw Honey and Citrus combine to give these the perfect amount of flavor and once you pop them under the broiler they crisp right up and are the perfect taco topping.

I’m obsessed with my Instant Pot because I am notorious for forgetting to put dinner in the slow cooker and the Instant Pot allows me to get tender meats in a short amount of time. I made these in my Instant Pot, but you can easily do this in your slow cooker. This recipe is fairly easy to make and packed with so much delicious flavor. To start you’ll want to turn your Instant Pot onto the saute feature and brown your pork shoulder on both sides. This helps to lock in the juiciness of the pork and caramelize the natural pork juices. Once you’ve seared your meat on both sides you’ll want to season it, add your honey, lime, oranges, onion, and garlic. Give it a good mix and hit the meat button and turn the time to 50 minutes. Let the Instant Pot do all the work and naturally release for about 20 minutes once done. If you want to do this in your slow cooker, sear your meat and then add all your ingredients to your slow cooker and cook on low for 6-8 hours.

Once the Instant Pot is done working it’s magic you’ll want to take the Carnitas out and shred them with 2 forks, drizzle some of the juices over the meat and broil for 5-10 minutes or until your carnitas start to crisp up. To help kick up our carnitas a notch I put together a Avocado Lime cream that was the perfect topping for these delicious tacos. Avocado, Lime, Honey, and Cilantro combine to make a creamy, tangy cream with a slight hint of sweetness. Ditch the sour cream and top your tacos with this deliciousness.

About Nature Nate’s

Nature Nate’s honey is now available in Colorado which makes me happy because when I buy honey I look for brands that use raw honey since the honey is unprocessed. Nature Nate’s is a honey company dedicated to making honey as nature intended, and very different from your typical grocery store honey. It’s treated with very low heat, keeping all important enzymes intact. It’s also unfiltered, which means it still contains pollen and retains the best flavor, aroma and nutrition naturally. Lastly, Nature Nate’s is made by 100% American bees, helping to eliminate pesticides, and ensuring the highest quality product. Plus, their honey is delicious!

We use honey for a variety of things like when we’re sick in tea, giving the kids spoonfuls to help with coughs, skincare, and mainly in cooking. I love cooking with honey since it’s a natural sweetener and adds a nice flavor to dishes. Nature Nate’s comes in a variety of sizes and one of my favorites is their on the run packs because I can keep a few in my purse for when I want to add honey to a drink or send them to school with my kids to help with a cough they might have. They also have organic honey and a few flavors of honey syrups.


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Antoinette M

Thursday 16th of May 2019

This looks tasty! Great recipe.

James Robert

Sunday 14th of January 2018

This really looks delicious and is a recipe I have not ever had.

Dandi D

Wednesday 10th of January 2018

These look so yummy--I'd love to try them!

Brenda Haines

Tuesday 12th of December 2017

Oh yummy! These will be perfect for the Vegas Bowl football party I'm having this Saturday! GO DUCKS!!

Sara Zielinski

Monday 14th of August 2017

This looks like an awesome dinner.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.