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Visionworks Can Help You End the Year with Great Vision!

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I was invited to visit my local Visionworks location for an eye exam and glasses. All opinions are my own.

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The end of the year is here and there is so much to get done. From finishing up the last little bit of prep work for the holidays to making sure we’ve used up all of our insurance benefits for the year. Since the kids are out of school for 2 weeks it’s the perfect time to schedule our vision and dental visits before the year ends and a new benefits year begins.  Vision benefits are a use it or lose it deal every year and not using them is just wasting the benefits that we pay for every month. There are two types of health benefits packages – insurance benefits from your employer, and a flexible spending account (FSA). It’s important to note that both expire at the end of the year! The good news is that both plans cover the cost of an annual comprehensive eye exam and either contact lenses, glasses or prescription sunglasses.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to get my eyes checked and our daughter has never been so this was the perfect time for us to get checked. Our daughters exam went perfectly and then it was time for mine. I visited my local Visionworks office where I was able to get an appointment within a few days. I’ve noticed some vision changes over the last few months and wasn’t surprised that I now needed glasses. My appointment went wonderfully and the staff at my local office was so friendly and helpful. They had a great selection of frames to choose from and once I picked out a few pairs they helped me pick the best ones for my face. Then we sat down and talked about lenses. 

My glasses were ready a couple days later and I love them. They’re stylish, comfortable, and my vision is so much better. Since I work a lot on my phone and computer I went with non-glare and HD lenses, which they said would be good for screen work. At the end of the night my eyes would be hurting and since getting my glasses that has stopped and I am so thrilled about that. They also help with night time driving and reducing the glare from lights so that I can focus on the road. Getting my new glasses has been such a wonderful thing for my vision and Visionworks

Whether you like to shop in store or online Visionworks can help you with your vision needs. For the in-store supporter, visit any of Visionworks’ 700+ retail locations for an excellent shopping experience and high quality products and services with the best value and selection in the industry. For the online advocate, order your holiday gifts online with the option to pick up in-store or select delivery to any destination nationwide. Plus with over 700 locations, you can easily drop in for a professional fit.

Let’s Go See movement

Visionworks challenges you to Focus on America and help every child see during this holiday assignment. Join the Let’s Go See movement and help raise awareness of the importance of annual eye exams for children as part of their yearly health routine. Nominate a child, school, or organization in need and help Visionworks give away 10,000 comprehensive eye exams and complete pairs of glasses to children in need. Visit to learn how you can give back to a child in need.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.