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Turning Your Favorite Shopkins into Charms!

Turning Your Favorite Shopkins into Charms!

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Our daughter is a huge Shopkins fan and most of her Christmas wish includes Shopkins and Shopkins playsets. She can spend hours in her room playing with them and I love that she uses her creativity and imagination to bring them to life. She hasn’t gotten much of the newer Shopkins collections because I was waiting to Christmas to give them to her, but when I got the opportunity to check out the Shopkins Happy Places Shopkins collection we were both thrilled. It was like an early Christmas for her.


When the collection arrived and I saw everything that Moose Toys sent I knew she would love it all. The Happy Places Shopkins are all cute miniature decorations that bring your space to life. They feature tiny pieces to fill the Happy Home, Happy Places lets you create your space with a cute lil’ face! Shopkins-themed, Happy Places features mini-versions of your favorite Shoppies, called Lil’ Shoppies, who live in the Happy Home where tiny Shopkins characters decorate the space and every single piece of furniture has a cute Petkins face. There is even a Shopkins Sparkle Hill Happy Home that can be purchased. Think of it as a Shopkins Doll House. With all our new Happy Places figurines I had to go out and get her the Sparkle Hill Happy Home to decorate. The collector packs come with extra tiles that kids can use to extend the Happy Home to create add-on rooms for even more decorating fun. There are Collector packs to purchase and blind baskets for the Happy Places Collection. What’s extra fun about the Happy Places Shopkins is that you can place the fire logs in the holder, things in baskets, and so on. 



Since we’re on winter break I figured it would be fun to get a little crafty. Since Shopkins are such a huge hit in our home and our daughter loves jewelry we decided to turn some of her favorite shopkins into charms for necklaces and bracelets. This works great with the duplicate Shopkins. You’ll need a few simple supplies and in a matter of minutes you’ll have your own stylish Shopkins accessories. I did this quick and easy version, but for a sturdier necklace I follow THIS TUTORIAL.

What you’ll need


Eye Screws (I ordered mine on Amazon because I couldn’t find any in store. You can use eye pins which can be found at craft stores in the jewelry section, but I like the screws better)

Jump Rings

Jewelry Cord (available at local craft store)

Chunky Beads (I get mine on etsy, ebay, or Amazon)


Lobster Clasp


What You’ll do

You’ll need to gather all your supplies. Figure out which Shopkin you’re going to use and which beads.

To turn a Shopkin (or any small figurine into a charm) you’ll need to insert the eye screw into the shopking. Press and turn until it’s all the way in and the eye (circle) is touching the top of the shopkin.




Take a pair of pliers and open the jump ring. Attach it to the eye on the eye screw, attach the lobster clasp, and close it back up.


Cut Jewelry cord to desired length, add Shopkins charm and beads.


Once all the beads are on the cord tie knots on either side of the beads to keep them on the cord.

Place on neck and tie.






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Kristina Prewitt

Wednesday 17th of January 2018

What a sweet idea, I may have to try this with my daughters' newest obsession....LOL dolls.

Sarah B

Wednesday 10th of January 2018

This is such an awesome idea! I can't wait to show this to my daughter. She has a million Shopkins, and there must be some duplicates among them that we could turn into jewelry.

susan byrne

Thursday 4th of January 2018

Such a cute idea. I used to do a lot of beading so this is up my alley. I love how kitschy it is.

Laurie Emerson

Wednesday 30th of August 2017

This is absolutely adorable! I am going to make one for my daughter for Christmas!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.