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12 Uses for Makeup Bags!

12 Uses for Makeup Bags!

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I’ve had my ipsy subscription for almost 2 years now and I love it. It’s fun seeing what new items and I get each month and I’ve found several new products that I love from them, but I have so many EXTRA makeup bags now. They’re all really cute, but I was starting to wonder what I would do with them all. Then they started coming in handy for various things and I love them!

  1. MakeUp – I think this is obvious, but I keep one in my purse with my make-up items like mascara, lip gloss, chap stick, powder, ect.
  2. Holds Chargers – I use another one to hold my back-up phone battery, charging cable, spare wall charger, and car charger.
  3. Loose change 
  4. First Aid Kit – Store band-aids, antibacterial wipes, neosporin, ect in them. Keep it in the car, diaper bag, purse, gym bag, or suitcase.
  5. Coloring – If you have kids they come in handy for holding crayons and small markers. I like to take the crayons my kids get in restaurants and keep them in my diaper bag or purse as back-ups.
  6. Your Period – Pads, Tampons, and feminine wipes. Keep one in your purse, car, and desk at work.
  7. Hair Stuff – I keep one in the bathroom and use it to hold bobby pins and hair ties. I have another for my daughter that holds her hair clips and hair rubber bands.
  8. Small items – Basically anything that is small and can drop to the bottom of my diaper bag or purse and get “lost”. I toss them in an “junk” makeup bag to keep things organized.
  9. Small gifts – Get a few makeup items and load one up and give them out as gifts to teachers, co-workers, friends, ect.
  10. Blessing Bags – Load them with free samples you get, pads, a few $$ or snacks, and give them to homeless woman or donate them to a woman’s shelter.
  11. Travel – Any of the ideas above and they also work great for holding jewelry.
  12. The Kids – I gave one to our daughter to put in her backpack. She’s 6 but it holds her hand sanitizer, lip balm, and school ID card.

There are so many uses for the extra makeup bags and I love finding new ways to re-purpose them. They’re great for using in purses, traveling, gym bags, and your desk at work.

How do you use your extra makeup bags?

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Denise C

Friday 10th of June 2016

I'm a big fan of #6. I have a small and pretty bag I use for the purpose, and it keeps them neatly and inconspicuously stored in my purse.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.