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Some Saturday Laughs!

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 Another wonderful week is over and another week is starting! I am loving that Denver has cooled off and we are sitting nicely in the 60’s and low 70’s. Ahhhhh, happiness is cool weather.
Happiness is also laughing. Laughter is the best medicine after all…
1. I was browsing the Old Navy website the other night, out of pure boredum or maybe it was my shopping addiction kicking in again… I stumbled upon THIS lovely beauty and showed it to my daughter, Yo Gabba Gabba’s #1 fan, and she WENT NUTS! So like the good mommy I am, I set out on a misson friday morning to find this lovely shirt. Luckily my local Old Navy had one shirt left and I didn’t have to stab fight anyone to get the last one! It is about a size and a half to BIG, but o well. She will grow into it. I came home and showed it to her and she squealed with delight, mumbled some baby gibberish, and wouldn’t stop smiling. I put it on her and she wore it proudly the rest of the day.
2. I was yelling asking her nicely earlier to stop doing something and she just sat there, looked at me, and wouldn’t stop laughing. Of course it made me even madder, which only made her laugh and smile at me even more. Yup, she’s got me wrapped around her finger. How can you be mad at something so cute?
3. We set out to Babies R Us the other day because my friend told me she scored gerber meals for $0.37 each, at her local one. I didn’t find anything in our clearance section and started to wander the store. It then popped into my head to let her pick out a Yo Gabba Gabba toy, since she is so in love. We couldn’t find any toys, but they did have pillows. I showed her three of them and she picked out Foofa. We got to the register and I handed the guy the pillow and she gave him a death stare down the whole time he was ringing it up, it was absolutely hilarious. I handed it back to her and she hasn’t put it down since. She even brought it grocery shopping with us… Did I mention this “pillow” is almost as big as her?
4. My lovely hubby came home from work with a box of cookies the other night. I ripped open the box waited patiently to have one, Yes I have a cookie addiction. Our daughter always wakes up when hubby comes home and he usually lets her stay up for awhile. Well this night he gave her a cookie… I think the look says it all.
5. Yes, she has started sticking her finger in her nose! When we were in CA a couple weeks ago, she was in the backseat picking her nose. My son starts telling me she is picking her nose and saying that it’s “gross”. My daughter is laughing and starts wiggling her finger in her nose even more and my son is yelling how gross it is. 
What are some of your favorite laughs?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.