Crayola Canvas Art

I was browsing pinterest when I saw a post with this cool art project. I knew I had to do it.

What you’ll need:

Crayons (I combined a 24 pack + 48 pack)

Canvas (I used 8×10, other projects I have seen used bigger.)

Hot glue gun + Glue

News paper

Blow dryer

(blow dryer not pictured)


  1. Get out your crayons and decide what colors you are going to use. The size canvas you use will dictate the amount of crayons you use.
  2. Line crayons up above picture to see how many you will need and put them in color order from start to finish.
  3. Place a line of hot glue along the paper of the crayon. I put mine where the color name is. (Don’t burn yourself, I got all the way to the end before I managed to burn myself, OUCH!)
  4. Place crayons with glue on canvas in order. Start at one end and finish at the other.
  5. Once all crayons are glued and on the canvas lay down news paper along where you are going to finish the project. I propped my canvas along the wall. Once I started I noticed crayon spraying and had to put newspaper on the wall too.
  6. Turn blow dryer on low heat and aim at crayons. I aimed mine at the crayons, not touching but very close.
  7. Let the heat work it’s magic and melt the crayons. I started at one end and worked my way over to the other end once crayons were melted to my liking.
  8. Melt the crayons to your liking. You can also move the heat over the dripping portions to blend them.
  9. Once you are done let it dry.

*If you use a canvas board like me, pick up some ribbon and hot glue it to the back so you have a way to hang your art.

I LOVE the look of it. I think it’s a fun art project for a kid to help with and would make a great piece of art to hang in a play room.

If you are going to let a child help you I suggest not letting them use the hot glue gun, since they are HOT.

This project is pretty budget friendly. I spent about $12 at walmart. $5 for a 3 pack of 8×10 canvas boards and $6 for 120 crayons. I still have a full box of 48 crayons, part of a 24 pack, and part of a 48 pack plus 2 canvas boards left. So you can get another art project out of it!

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  1. lori thoresen says

    That is an awesome project, I’m gonna do this with my son. We are going to try it with only shades of green (his fave color)

  2. Debi Booth says

    I saw this project on pinterest and thought how cool…think I will try it. Well, i never got around to actually workiing with this project. But i have to say, you have reunited my feeling to complete this fun project…love the colors…I really liked your tutorial…it was easy to follow.Will let you know how things turn out..Thanks for the inspiration to have some fun!!! =)

  3. says

    They actually make crayons that are specifically made for this type of project. They sell at Walmart for $0.75. They are called crayola meltdown. You can check them out here:


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