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How to Create a South of France Garden Aesthetic

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Refined and sophisticated homeowners across the country dream of a patio and back garden that is reminiscent of one of their favorite holiday destinations: the South of France. 

If this sounds like a bit of you, then you have definitely come to the right place, as here is how you can create a stylish South of France aesthetic in your own back garden. Keep reading. 


If you had to describe the one main element of any French park or public garden, whether right in the middle of a bustling city or in a more rural area, it would be the volume of luscious and beautifully scented plants, flowers, and trees.

Specifically, lavender is an absolute mainstay of such areas. It makes sense then that you include the wonderful plant and other typical vegetation features, such as rosemary and olive bushes, in your back garden. Make sure you are not too rigid when it comes to pruning, and rather let the plants relax and go their own way to create a truly French aesthetic. 

Other common garden flowers and plants typical of a beautiful and relaxing garden in the south of France include downy oaks, evergreen oaks, Japanese pittosporum, laurustinus, oleander, garden thyme, and English ivy. 

A Viewing Terrace

Now, if you are truly prepared to go ‘all out’ in your pursuit of a French garden look, then you also need to pay homage to the fact that virtually everywhere in France, specifically in the Provence, is on a slope.

This makes it the perfect vista for a small viewing terrace or platform, even if you decide to create this with a short, raised area coming from the bottom of your garden sloping upwards. Such terraces are also excellent places to grow plants or even an herb garden, whereby you can complement your summer evening outdoor meals with homegrown herbs. 

Porcelain Outdoor Paving

No Southern France-inspired garden would be complete without the addition of a beautiful set of paving stones, whether you choose to bring in old and worn dry stone as a feature within the grassy area or else striking and durable porcelain tiles.

There are numerous advantages, aside from the beautiful finish of porcelain paving for your garden, including strength, durability, a low maintenance requirement, and a little-to-no amount of absorption even in the heaviest of downpours. 

An Arbor

Another beautiful design feature of any garden you are lucky enough to visit in the South of France is that of an arbor.

Essentially, an arbor is an arched structure that typically frames the pathway around the garden and can also be used for growing climbing plants and flowers.

When looking into the right arbor for your own outdoor space, do bear in mind the following:

  • What you actually intend on using the arbor for 
  • The size of the garden and how it should affect the height of the arbor you choose
  • Wooden arbors are usual, but white ornate styles are more in keeping with the style
  • For smaller gardens, choose higher arbors so no natural sunlight is permanently blocked

There you have it; with these tips your backyard will be reminiscent of the South of France.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.