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Emotional Support for College Students: Recognizing and Addressing Mental Health and Well-being

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Transition to college isn’t easy. This is the time when children realize they are on their own. Maybe for the first time. They need to cook for themselves, make meals, and do laundry. They also have to learn how to spend money reasonably. Besides that, they need to get themselves in class on time every day and study effectively. Some adolescents can find all of these activities difficult. That is why parents should provide emotional support to their children. They should help them get over the transfer to college as painlessly as possible.

In this article, we will offer some pieces of advice on how to help college students with mental health issues.

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Give them emotional support

Educating parents on mental health means showing them the importance of emotional support. Emotional support has a great impact on children’s mental health. Parents should develop children’s self-esteem and self-confidence from the very beginning. Only in this way, children will grow into healthy individuals aware of their worth. Parents should constantly demonstrate empathy and compassion. They should show resilience in solving problems and dealing with negative situations. These skills will help children become strong human beings.

Help them organize their time

Many adults know the secret of success. It lies in time management. However, in the first few months of college, students don’t have that skill. They know they should study, attend classes, eat healthy, exercise, socialize, sleep enough, and clean their room. They don’t know how to accomplish all that. Parents should help them organize their time. Encourage them to make a list of obligations for each day separately. Make them define how much time each activity requires. That way, students will stick to the plan and feel amazing realizing what they achieved that day.

Talk to them openly

Parents should talk to children openly from the beginning. However, if you didn’t foster communication before, this is the perfect moment to start. Talk about their hopes and dreams, as well as their expectations and fears. Ask them what kind of support they expect from you. You should point out college students’ mental health and how to deal with them.

Keep on communicating even more after they go to college. You should build a trusting relationship with them. They need to feel you are here for them. Foster calm, clear, and honest communication. Discuss stressful on-campus life and other situations that bother them. Set the video call schedule several times a week.


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Respect their independence and privacy

Although you should show you care, try not to smuggle your children with affection. College is a time for your children to grow and become independent and strong human beings. Be supportive but give them space. Show you trust their decisions and let them make their own choices. Also, try to be present but respect their privacy and let them set boundaries. Some things they want to share only with their friends and partners.

Recognize the homesickness

For many students transition to college is the first separation from home for a long time. Some of them may feel homesick and anxious thinking about family and old friends. As a parent, you should establish visiting campus regularly. Gather the whole family and make a cute visit to the one you miss. Try to make a surprise sometimes and take grandma and grandpa too! Also, students should come home any time they want. A warm family atmosphere will mitigate homesickness. Meeting old friends will make students feel happy.

Manage your expectations

Every parent wants the best for their children. However, sometimes your hopes and dreams don’t match with your children’s desires. Don’t fall into the trap of demanding them to meet your expectations. This kind of pressure will influence their mental health badly. Let them make their own decisions and decide about their future. Show them you love them and care about them no matter what. This is one way to help your college student with anxiety.

Celebrate achievements

Try to make a little celebration for children’s academic achievements. Prepare their favorite meal when they come home after exams. Make a party after big spot accomplishments. Show them you know they study hard and put effort into academic performance. They will feel nice when they see that their fights are being noticed. This kind of support will motivate them to keep going.


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In this article, we have discussed how parents can help with the mental health of their college students. We gave several pieces of advice on how to prevent anxiety and other mental disorders in college life. Changes in your children’s emotions and behavior aren’t strange. They are just getting used to their new life. However, if you notice that your children are anxious for a long time, you should engage professional help. Encourage your children to visit a school psychologist. This person has a lot of experience in the treatment of adolescents and would better understand what they are going through.

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