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5 Things to Do in Colorado in the Summer

5 Things to Do in Colorado in the Summer

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Colorado is beautiful! However, if you’ve considered a trip to this great state, you probably considered coming during the winter to take advantage of some of the best skiing in the country. I’ve learned there is more to Colorado than its winter. Maybe it’s time to take another look at what summer in Colorado can offer with 5 things to do during Colorado in the summer.

Climb Pikes Peak

This mountain offers some breathtaking views and gorgeous scenery. Take a picnic and eat in the Ponderosa Pine forests that wind their way up the majority of the mountain. Reach the tree line for the ability to take stunning photographs of the rest of the mountains in the area, and of course, climb all the way to the top for a donut or a shop. This was my favorite of the activities on the list, and being so close to Colorado Springs makes it super convenient.

Go Ziplining in Vail

Ziplining is not just a race to the finish anymore. This is a two- to two-and-a-half-hour tour above beautiful canyons and the scenery of one of the best ski resorts anywhere. It is not only wonderful in the winter, but it is breathtaking in the summer. I was terrified to try this, but it turned out to be really fun.

Go White Water Rafting

If ziplining didn’t get your adrenaline pumping, white water rafting in Colorado is sure to do the trick! In addition, you frequently see wildlife, including deer, elk, and bears, along the side of the river. An experienced guide will help everyone, even a complete novice, have a great river adventure. They are also nearby some breweries, so the over 21 crowds can relax afterward with a beer. I have been white water rafting in several rivers across the country, and Colorado is the best. It has the open scenery I have come to associate with freedom and the adrenaline I crave.

Check out Garden of the Gods

Had enough adrenaline? Check out the scenery at Garden of the Gods. These amazing rock formations look as if they could topple over at any time, but they have been sitting like that for ages. Take a walk through some almost unbelievable scenery. Bring your camera for some shots your friends will never believe are real. This is also right in Colorado Springs, so it is also super convenient.

Try a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Looking for an adventure that’s safe for the kids? Try a hot air balloon ride! The mountains and valleys are gorgeous from land but even better from the air. In addition to the actual flight, you get champagne, breakfast, a t-shirt, and a photograph of your trip. The actual flight time is about an hour and a half, but the trip will take the entire morning.

Colorado is one of the best places to try a balloon ride because it has the mountains in the background instead of everything looking flat. I highly recommend this trip!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.