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17 Virtual playdate ideas for kids with Printable

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The kids are getting antsy and they’re missing their friends. Virtual play dates are becoming quite the norm among family and friends, but it’s always helpful to have some playdate themes in mind to help keep the kids entertained. Download this free virtual playdate printable to keep track of playdates your kids have already had and keep new ideas on hand.

virtual play date ideas for kids

Even though kids can’t get together right now it doesn’t mean they can’t see their friends or family members. Instead, move those play dates to a virtual space like Zoom, Facebook, or Google. Many services are offering free ways to video chat with friends and family outside of facetime and it’s a great way for kids to stay connected when they can’t be together.

Virtual Play Date Ideas for Kids

  1. Have a dance-off – Put on some of their favorite songs and see who has the best, silliest, or craziest dance moves.
  2. Color – Print out matching coloring pages and they can color together while chatting. My color by number pages would be perfect!
  3. Have a Sing-a-Long – What’s their favorite movie? Trolls? Frozen? Play some of their favorite songs so they can belt out the songs together.
  4. Read Poems and Stories together
  5. Do Magic Tricks
  6. Play Dress Up
  7. Put on a Concert
  8. Play I-Spy – Pick a spot inside or outside and have the kids play ispy together.
  9. Play Charades
  10. Do a Lego Challenge
  11. Do a Science Experiment – There are so many fun science experiments for kids like mixing baking soda and vinegar, the skittles experiment, and more.
  12. Play a Trivia Game or Mad Libs
  13. Have a Show and Tell with their favorite toys or another theme
  14. Have a Scavenger Hunt – Parents plan together on a scavenger hunt that the kids can work together to solve.
  15. Have a Tea Party
  16. Play an Online Game – Nintendo Switch Games, Uno, or Monopoly.
  17. Write a Story Together

Get Free Virtual Playdates for Kids Ideas Printable

17 virtual playdate ideas for kids

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Kare petrychko

Wednesday 24th of June 2020

Some really great things here!


Wednesday 24th of June 2020

fun ideas for kids

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