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6 Denver Virtual Tours

6 Denver Virtual Tours

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As restrictions begin to loosen and more places start to open to Coloradans, we are still faced with stay-at-home requirements and the lack of attractions to visit. Fortunately, places like zoos, museums, and art galleries have adjusted their routines and created virtual tours, as well as educational opportunities. From the Denver Art Museum to the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, the Denver Metro is home to outstanding experiences and there are a variety of Denver Virtual Tours to enjoy from home.

Denver Virtual Tours

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum encourages visitors to experience the beauty of art through its Museum at Home program. With virtual tours and online views of its collections, as well as stories behind exhibits, the museum creates a personalized visit for each person. The Museum at Home program also includes background settings that have become popular on conference calls, such as with Zoom. Students, children, and families can take part in virtual education resources, as well as exhibits that encourage people to relax and take in inspirational views.

Children’s Museum of Denver

While you can’t physically participate in the activities at the Children’s Museum of Denver, children of all ages can participate in at-home projects through its Museum Fun 101 Facebook group. You just need to join the group on Facebook, answer a simple question, and then you’ll have access to all types of activities that you can do at home. Visitors can also take an online look at the museum’s exhibits, so when we get the greenlight to visit again, your family will be ready to explore fun displays, such as Adventure Forest, Book Nook, and the Art Studio.

Denver Zoo

Daily webcam views of animals such as a baby rhino and more welcome online visitors at the Denver Zoo. Virtual safaris, at-home activities – including a DIY scavenger hunt – and suggestions on how to help children understand and adjust to life with Covid-19 are available. You can learn about each of the Denver Zoo’s animals by clicking on their picture. With information about their social interactions, physical descriptions, and native areas, you can learn a lot about animals such as lions, bald eagles, and the frilled lizard, so that on your next physical visit to the zoo, you may be able to lead groups.

Denver Botanic Gardens

With five unique gardens located on 24 acres of pristine landscape, the Denver Botanic Gardens offer visitors an exquisite place to visit. Online visitors can take in the scenery by clicking on each garden’s picture and learn about the significance of it. The botanic gardens offer at-home activities and projects in which families can enjoy participating. Learn about seeding, play games like Earth Day Bingo, and take nature scavenger hunts in your neighborhood.

Denver Museum of Science and Nature

The Denver Museum of Science and Nature usually offers visitors outstanding exhibits to visit in-person. However, the museum invites everyone to tour the museum virtually through its DMNS @Home program. With videos and at-home projects, the DMNS@Home program showcases videos, such as scientists at work in their natural habitats and museum guides and curators hosting an online lunch where they discuss subjects related to the museum. At-home activities include building dinosaurs from clay and brick building (such as Legos). Teachers and students can take part in the ExciteEd Programs. Which offers virtual experiences, such as a virtual science academy.

Cherry Creek State Park

With nearly 25 miles of trails (12 paved), a visit to Cherry Creek State Park is a great opportunity to take a break away from home while practicing physical distancing (staying six feet from others). As you walk, hike, or bicycle the trails, enjoy the natural beauty, and keep your eye out for signs of wildlife, such as deer, black-tailed prairie dogs, and several birds. You may want to pack a lunch and enjoy a family picnic in the great outdoors.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has challenged our way of life, we have options to continue to enjoy the Metro’s attractions and educational opportunities. As you virtually explore Denver, stay safe and have fun.

Denver Virtual Tours to Take from Home

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Thursday 25th of June 2020


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