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6 Holiday Safety Tips for Families with Small Kids

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Leaves are changing colors, cold weather is quickly creeping in, and the holiday season has officially arrived! This means lots of fun festivities like family gatherings, extra decorations around the house, and even more time spent in the kitchen. For families with small children, there are certainly some safety tips to keep in mind this season. Check out these 6 holiday safety tips for your family.

1. Check your lights for loose wires

String lights are everywhere during the holiday season. Double-check all of your lights for any frayed edges, loose wires or missing bulbs. Not only is this a fire hazard for the whole house, but it could also be incredibly dangerous for small children to get their hands on.

2. Decorate mindfully

One of the most fun parts of the holiday season is decorating. When you have small children though, it’s important to be mindful of what decorations you’re putting up and where. Anything that’s sharp or breakable should be kept out of reach of your children. Small decorations that small children may try to put in their mouths are also dangerous. It’s also important to consider where candles are when you’re lighting them to avoid your kids knocking them down while lit.

3. Keep an eye on new toys

It’s likely that your kids’ favorite part of the holiday season is the gifts that come with it! Be sure to double-check any new toys they get to make sure there are no easy-to-swallow pieces they could accidentally choke on.

4. Make sure everyone’s hands are washed

This goes for parents too! This is the time of year when the flu and cold viruses are going around. Make sure you and your kids wash your hands regularly and efficiently to avoid getting sick and passing germs along to others.

5. Prepare for travel

If you’re headed out of town, remember to check on the safety of your vehicle before you leave. Refreshing your fluids and double-checking your lights is a great idea, but you’ll also want to make sure your car seat is installed correctly and completely secure. If your kids have outgrown forward-facing harnesses, be sure they’re in the back row in a booster seat so that the adult seat belt fits them properly.

6. Bundle them up

If you live in a place that’s likely to get snow, your kids will almost certainly be spending time outdoors taking full advantage of the winter wonderland! It’s so important during cold weather that kids have on multiple layers to help keep them warm when playing outside. They should also come inside regularly to warm up and hydrate.

A Final Note

Even if you’ve taken all the precautions necessary to keep your small children safe this season doesn’t mean that everyone has kid-proofed their home. Remember that personal injuries can happen anywhere, so be sure to keep an eye on your kids this season no matter where you are.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.