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Back to School Guide: Must-Have Cute & Fun Back-to-School Supplies for Kids!

Back to School Guide: Must-Have Cute & Fun Back-to-School Supplies for Kids!

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Cute & Fun Back to School Supplies

Back to school time is right around the corner and chances are you’re looking over the back to school supply list for your elementary school kids and wondering what to buy. Before you head to the store to start shopping, check out our list of cute and fun must-have school supplies for the classroom and at home. Everything from fun erasers to trendy backpacks and everything in between.

Our kids are getting ready to head back to school over the next week and I can’t believe that summer is over. We’ve started our back to school shopping and there isn’t one place that is the best place to buy back to school supplies because so many places have so many cute and fun things, but I do try to stay in one place since I’m shopping for 2 kids and it helps to make that easier for me.

Products from Yoobi

Yoobi has a lot of fun products like notebooks, erasers, backpacks, and just general school supplies like rulers, pencil cases, and much more. They have hot prints (which our daughter loves) like unicorns, mermaids, and emojis. We picked up a few of their notebooks and composition books and I love that their products let my kids show their personalities while still giving quality products that are functional for school.

The Basics

There are some products that are just standard basics when it comes to back to school. Elmer’s glue is a staple item at school and at home. We’re loving their disappearing purple glue sticks because they allow little ones to see where the glue is getting applied, but then they dry clear. I even use them when I’m crafting. They’re affordable, so grab a case and send them into your child’s class so the teacher has backups. Kids go through a lot of glue sticks!

Colored pencils are another staple item and we’re entranced by the Mr. Sketch Color pencils. These are total nostalgia for me because they remind me of my childhood and the Mr. Sketch markers. It was so fun creating art and sniffing it to see what scents you could identify. With their new colored pencils my kids can also have that same fun that I did and the twist up design means we don’t have to worry about a pencil sharpener.

Crayons and markers are always Crayola. You just can’t go wrong with their quality and variety of colors.

For little hands we’re loving the Paper Mate Handwriting Pencils. Available in fun designs and colors, they’re perfect for small hands because their thick triangular design helps guide finger placement and grip. Giving kids more control when they’re writing.

When it comes to cutting you just can’t go wrong with Fiskars and they’re often the requested brand on our kids’ school lists. Available in a variety of colors so your little one can have their favorite color while working on projects.

Backpacks and Lunchboxes

Backpacks and Lunchboxes are important when it comes to back-to-school. They help your child to show off their personality and they carry all their important items. When it comes to my kids – cars, super heroes, and sequins are HOT when it comes to backpacks. Our son is rocking a race car backpack from Swamp Kicks. The leather design offers a high level of quality and sturdiness and the race car design is stylish.

While our youngest daughter isn’t heading to school she still loves to copy her big brother and is often toting around a backpack of her own. Since she likes to bring her own backpack out with us she is using the quilted backpack from Stephen Joseph that is also very trendy with a Llama design. She’s a huge Llama Llama lover and this backpack reminds her of those books she loves so much. She may even have one on her at all times.

Our oldest daughter loves all things sequins and brightly colored and that’s just what she picked out this year for her backpack.

Lunchboxes are just like backpacks since they allow your child to show off their style. Fun designs that can hold their snacks and lunches are a must have. Bento boxes allow kids to have a variety of foods in all one place and help to cut down on waste. Don’t forget to add an ice pack to keep their food cool until lunchtime.

For drinks we always send a water bottle filled with ice and water to drink during the day at school and then they can easily refill it at the water fountain if needed. Stainless steel water bottles for kids is our go to since it keeps drinks cooler longer. Our favorite is the Contigo Autospout.

I’m all about letting my kids express their individual styles when it comes to their school supplies, as long as they’re sticking to their school lists. If fun erasers, crazy pencil boxes (like the monsters pencil case from ZipIt), and brightly colored notebooks help to keep them eager and ready to tackle their work then I will buy all the ice cream pencil erasers I can. Our lists this year were pretty easy. Lots of notebooks, folders, a pencil box, art supplies, and a few supplies for the whole classroom.

For the Home

There are a few items I am loving right now that aren’t for the classroom, but they’re for at home. They help with tasks like homework and getting the kids to sleep at night.

This next product comes in handy for at home homework sessions and it’s so much fun. The Amazeko pencil sharpeners make pencil sharpening fun with their lights and music. Sharpen your pencils to the tune of a beloved ice cream truck or fire rescue truck.

My younger 2 always have a hard time going to sleep at night and I’ve heard a weighted blanket, like one from Huggaroo, can be helpful for a full nights sleep. Huggaroo’s line of children’s weighted blankets feel like a gentle, soothing hug. The steady pressure activates chemicals in the nervous system which lower stress hormones and trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine to get little minds to calm down and relax for restful sleep. The weighted blanket is 6.5 pounds and ideal for children who are 40-80 pounds. The outer cover is soft chenille – perfect for cuddling! The innerquilt is 100% cotton filled with hypoallergenic, lead-free, non-toxic,odorless glass microbeads. Choose from peach or blue.

Our girls love having their hair up so we have a lot of headbands, hair ties, and clips. When I learned about Scen-ties I knew they were going to be a must have this year and our daughter is hooked. They’re scratch n’ sniff hair ties and headbands for girls that smell like yummy foods like cotton candy, strawberries, and vanilla cupcakes. What makes them really cool is that you can wear them in your hair or on your wrist, but when you wear them on your wrist you can pull on the little tag attached to the tie and it emits a little burst of their scent. The first of it’s kind, scen-ties were created by a mom, who like me, loved having scratch n’ sniff markers are a kid and wanted to recreate those into hair ties for girls. (Hello Mr. Sketch).

One of our supplies last year was headphones and when buying supplies for my kids I like to buy good quality products that I know will get them through the whole school year. When it comes to headphones I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for and the $5 ones tend to break really easily. That’s why I like to get a quality headphone for my kids, whether at home or at school, like Buddyphones. Buddyphones come in a variety of designs (helping to let your little one express their own style) and models (like wired or wireless). They offer safe volume limits so your kids don’t hurt their ears, comfortable design that is durable and bendable, and the buddycable allows up to 4 headphones to share on the same device.

This post contains affiliate links. I was sent some of the products listed to test out. All opinions are my own.

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