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101 Free (or low cost) Things to Do This Summer with Kids!

101 Free (or low cost) Things to Do This Summer with Kids!

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Denver moms here are some free or low cost things to do this summer with your kids. Get them out exploring, spark their imaginations, and let their creative sides run wild. 

Summer is just around the corner and soon my kids will be home for 80 days. That’s 80 days where I’ll want to keep them busy, active, and occupied. My goal is to get them out exploring, spark their creative imaginations, and keep them busy all while having fun. We have about 80 days to enjoy summer break, but this list is 101 things long. There will be some extras, but it will give us some additional ideas of things to do or multiple things to do in one day.

  1. Visit a local library for story time
  2. Go on a hike
  3. Draw self portraits of each other
  4. Visit a new park
  5. Cool off at a splash park
  6. Watch a movie in a park
  7. Listen to music at an outdoor concert
  8. Decorate the sidewalk with chalk
  9. Make your own bubbles
  10. Ride bikes
  11. Camp in the backyard
  12. Build a couch fort
  13. Play a new board game
  14. Have a sunset picnic in a park or your backyard
  15. Scavenger hunt
  16. Make homemade ice cream
  17. Play in the rain
  18. Build paper airplanes and have a race
  19. Visit a local attraction on FREE day
  20. Go swimming (look for free day at a local pool)
  21. Have a water balloon fight
  22. Write your own story/book
  23. Hot Wheels car races
  24. Look for shooting stars
  25. Roll down a hill
  26. Fly a kite
  27. Explore a state park
  28. Look for constellations
  29. Make a walkie talkie with tin cans
  30. Go fishing
  31. Grow a plant or vegetable
  32. Do a science experiment
  33. Run through the sprinklers
  34. Make a crayon leaf rubbing
  35. Paint rocks
  36. Make homemade playdoh
  37. Tell scary stories
  38. Have a sleepover
  39. Look at the clouds and find shapes
  40. Go on an adventure using a map
  41. Play hopscotch
  42. Go cardboard box sledding down a hill
  43. Bird watch
  44. Jump rope
  45. Play tag
  46. Make a pinecone bird feeder
  47. Find animal tracks
  48. Watch the sunrise
  49. Watch hot air balloons
  50. Write letters to friends/family
  51. Decorate shirts
  52. Learn a magic trick
  53. Do something kind for a stranger
  54. Have a three legged race
  55. Create an obstacle course
  56. Have a dance party
  57. Make popsicles
  58. Shadow puppets
  59. Play soccer
  60. Bake something delicious
  61. Go bowling (free)
  62. Home Depot Kids workshop (free)
  63. See a movie (usually very cheap)
  64. Create and stage a play
  65. Splatter paint project
  66. Make slime
  67. Visit a fire station
  68. Shoot a rocket into the sky
  69. Have a tea party
  70. Play charades
  71. Build mini lego models (free at stores, must register)
  72. Create a reading journal and get a free book from Barnes and Noble
  73. Visit a local factory for a free tour.
  74. Go roller skating (for free)
  75. Fill out rewards calendar and get free tokens for Chuck-E-Cheese
  76. Arm wrestling matches
  77. Visit American Girl for a free craft project
  78. Explore your city for street art
  79. Wander through a farmers market
  80. Play at a beach
  81. Take photos and collect things to create a summer scrapbook
  82. Learn to make origami
  83. Catch bugs
  84. Learn a new card game
  85. Climb a tree
  86. Wash the car
  87. Make a collage with old magazines
  88. Play i-spy
  89. Visit a car show
  90. Check your towns website for free events like festivals
  91. Play in the mud
  92. Visit a farm
  93. Attend a local kids sport event
  94. Tie Dye t-shirts
  95. Potato Stamping
  96. Visit local nature preserve
  97. PJ Day & Movie marathon on a rainy day
  98. Melt crayons
  99. Do a new art project
  100. Donate old toys
  101. Go geocatching

What free or low cost things do you like to do with your little ones during the summer?

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Lindsay A.

Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

We're on SUCH a tight budget right now & haven't really been able to do fun activities... this list is awesome & I'm saving it immediately!! Thank you for the inspiration!

Antoinette M

Friday 18th of May 2018

I like all the ideas of what to do in the summer. Thanks!

Sarah L

Tuesday 15th of May 2018

Growing a garden is such a wonderful thing. So many great suggestions.

Sara Zielinski

Saturday 12th of May 2018

This is a great list of things to do in the summer.

Dandi D

Monday 7th of May 2018

These are some really fun ideas that I will have to remember to do with my children!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.