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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Safeway

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Safeway

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Thank you to Safeway and The Denver Bloggers club for inviting me to attend a special dinner with Safeway in Colorado! #DenverBloggersClub

When we moved to Colorado I was nervous. I had lived in different parts of California my whole life and I was moving to a new state away from everything and everyone I knew and loved. When we moved here I would look for things that reminded me of home, like buying groceries at Safeway. I know it may sound silly, but I’ve been buying groceries from Safeway for most of my life and it was familiar to me. It was a way to have a piece of home while in Colorado. They had brands I was familiar with, but couldn’t easily find at other stores here, like Gallo Salame. Their fresh flowers were a staple in my kitchen, delicious cakes were must haves for parties, $5 Fridays for Donuts were still able to happen, and I got to continue to support one of my favorite places to shop and enjoy their great customer service. 

I was invited to attend dinner with Safeway and I was beyond thrilled to attend because they’re my favorite grocery store. I learned so much from my dinner with them, things I never knew, and it was so refreshing to get a behind the scenes glimpse of how they function, how products get to the stores, and everything that they offer. Here are 4 things I learned about Safeway that you might not know either.

1. Freshness – Their freshly cut fruit and veggies are cut in store. They use produce carried in the store to make fruit platters, grab and go fruit cups, and chopped veggie packs. Other stores manufacture them at a facility and bring them in, but Safeway does it at each individual store to guarantee freshness. They also make all of their convenient meals in stores too. Things like stuffed mushrooms, rosemary potatoes, and guacamole. They strive to bring you fresh ingredients and produce. Sometimes it may cost a little more, but that’s because they’re bringing high quality items in for their customers. I’ve always loved their produce quality because it always looks and tastes so fresh.

2. Their Own Brands – Like most stores, Safeway has their own brands of foods. O Organics which is their affordable organic brand is one of the top selling store brands. hundreds of USDA-certified organic products. O Organics® has offerings for every occasion, from produce (like fruits and veggies) to dairy, meats, snacks, cereals, baby food, and more – there are so many ways to eat organic! They also have many other brands like their Signature Kitchens, Signature Cafe, The Snack Artist and more. All are affordable, great quality, and delicious.

3. Delicious and Gorgeous Bakery Items – Their bakery items are another favorite of mine, but I learned about all the fun cakes they can make. I knew they did character cakes because I have bought many over the years, but they also do custom cakes like unicorns, forest friends on a log, and so much more. Their cakes are moist, fresh, and delicious. Their breads are always great and donuts are a hit in our home.

4. Meat – I always knew their meat was good quality, but that is where my knowledge ended. In Colorado Safeway offers choice angus beef that is from a local colorado farm for all their cuts of beef, except ground beef. They cut all their meat in each store, fresh, and you can always request a custom cut.

5. Debi Lilly – Safeway has partnered with Debi Lilly, a entertaining and design expert, to create an exclusive line of home décor and gifts. From contemporary vases and giftable candles, to cake stands, satin ribbon and more, they make entertaining effortless and affordable. Find it in the Floral Department.

6. Grocery Pick-up & Delivery – I knew Safeway had grocery delivery via Instacart and their website, but I didn’t know they had grocery pick-up and that makes me excited! Grocery pick-up is my favorite with kids because I don’t have to go in and shop with them. When you use safeway instart promo code TEN FREE on instacart you get free delivery and $10 off your first order. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.