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My Kids Took the #JCPchallenge for Christmas Shopping!

My Kids Took the #JCPchallenge for Christmas Shopping!

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This post brought to you in a collaboration with JCPenney and their #JCPchallenge for my holiday Gift Guide!

It’s time to get real with y’all. When it comes to Holiday shopping I like to say that I have a budget and I stick to it, but I don’t. I always say I am only going to spend a certain amount of money and each kid is only going to get a few items, but then I end up going crazy. Christmas is my holiday and I tend to go wild. It’s a problem and here I am admitting it to y’all. The next step is getting help right? 

When JCPenney challenged me to take part in their #JCPchallenge I gladly accepted because I love shopping at JCPenney. At JCPenney I can get gifts for my whole family at affordable prices. It’s one stop shopping, for a busy mom, at it’s finest.

I walked into JCPenney knowing I wanted to stick to my budget, but then I saw all the awesome stuff they have like rose gold sparkly slippers, on point fashion trends, the new Ayesha Curry cookware and hot toys. I knew my weakness was going to kick in and I was starting to panic, but then my kids started saying how they wanted to pick out presents too and the light bulb went off. They love giving each other gifts for Christmas so I used this as the perfect time for them to start shopping. I gave them each a name, a budget of $15 to pick out something they knew their sibling would like, and let them loose inside JCPenney.

This turned out to be a hilarious shopping trip since they were trying to find items in their budget that they knew the other would like, but also hide it from the other kid so they wouldn’t ruin the surprise. Since my kids are toy obsessed they hit up the 2 best parts (to them) in JCPenney – the kids toys section and the mini Disney store. JCPenney always has pretty good sales going on so this made shopping on a budget a lot easier.


Our oldest got our youngest. Since our youngest loves all things Disney, our oldest went straight to the Disney section. After looking around for a while she settleds on the Mickey and the Roadster Racers Figurine set which was on sale for $8.99


Our Middle child got our oldest. He knows his sister is into Shopkins, Barbie, and Hatchimals (all of which JCPenney had), but he ended up settling on a new Barbie for her. At just $4.99 he nailed the challenge.


Our youngest got our middle child. He is obsessed with any type of car and JCPenney had a lot of those. Hot Wheels and Disney cars were a plenty. Our youngest was like a wild tornado through JCPenney, but she finally picked up a 2 pk of Disney cars which were on sale for $8.99.


Then the kids had to pick out a gift for Daddy. For Dad I gave them a $25 budget. They roamed around all the end cap and middle of the aisle shelves and finally settled on a really nice BBQ tool set which was on sale for $24.99. They know Daddy loves using his smoker and quickly proclaimed that he can make them more of their favorite ribs with this set. I’m starting to think this gift is really for them…

Our shopping trip was a huge success and I got out of JCPenney spending under $50 and the kids are pretty excited about the gifts they picked out. This gifting season I want to encourage you to take the holiday challenge at JCPenney and beat your holiday budget. Get all you want for less than you think from hot trending items and holiday must haves to unexpected finds all available in store or online at a great value.

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Sara Zielinski

Monday 11th of December 2017

This sounds like a fun Christmas shopping experience.

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