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Kat Von D Lock-It Collection is Perfect for an Everyday Mom Look!

Kat Von D Lock-It Collection is Perfect for an Everyday Mom Look!

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This post brought to you in collaboration with Sephora inside JCPenney for Kat Von D’s Lock-It Collection. #SephoraInJCP #SoWorthIt

Mom life – it’s exhausting, days are long, and most days I am lucky if I get to pee alone. The struggle is real y’all. So when it comes to taking care of me I love things that are easy to use, effortless, and last. I don’t have time to spend 30 minutes on my make-up everyday or to do several touch-ups throughout the day because I am usually being pulled in several different directions at once.

Sephora inside of JCPenney is my favorite because I can grab my essentials like face masks, face wipes, and new make-up while also grabbing clothes or shoes for the kids. One stop shopping is my favorite and Sephora inside JCPenney offers the quality products I love in one convenient place. The best part is my local JCPenney is in a huge shopping center with other stores I shop at weekly, so it’s all one big shopping loop that I can hit up when I need to get gas, grocery shop, or grab a new make-up product that I’ve either ran out of or my kids have destroyed.

One thing I really enjoy at Sephora inside of JCPenny is their Color IQ matching system. If you haven’t tried it you really need to. How it works: You need to go into Sephora fresh faced, so no foundation or anything that will change your skin color. The Sephora associate has a little device and they place it on your forehead, cheek, and jawline and it scans the surface of your skin to get a scientific precise lip, foundation, and concealer color. Next they’ll take you over to the tablet, type in your number, and your Color IQ matches will show up. You can search by brand, skin type, coverage, ect and then find the color and test it out. You can also save your Color IQ to your Sephora account so you can easily find shades in the future. It only takes a few minutes to do and is so easy.

I tried the shade they suggested and it was a great match, but I like a little bit of a lighter color foundation, since I am so fair, and went with the next shade down. It makes buying new foundations easy, simple, and I love that I can store my number into my Sephora account and shop for new shades of make-up from home. I love my current foundation, but I have been wanting to try something that has a fuller coverage and was given the chance to try Kat Von D’s Lock-It collection at Sephora inside JCPenney. I’ve always heard great things about her collection and was excited to give it a try.

My Kat Von D Lock-It goodies arrived and I couldn’t wait to put them to use. I always start my make-up with a clean face, use an oil control moisturizer since I have oily skin, and put on Kat Von D’s hydrating primer. Hydrating anything is a must have in Colorado since it’s so dry here. The primer went on smoothly and was a little tacky, but that’s ok because it helps the foundation to stay on your face. Next I use the Kat Von D Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush to apply my Lock-It foundation. The foundation is full coverage, but goes on so smoothly and gives me the coverage I need to hide blemishes and acne scars. I apply Lock-It concealer with the Lock-It Edge Concealer brush in a few shades lighter under my eyes to brighten and finish with the Lock-It Setting Powder applied with the Lock-It Setting Powder Brush. It’s not too heavy, not cakey, and stays on all day. It gives me the full coverage I want some days and is perfect for my mom on the go make-up look.

Now let’s talk about the brushes because I LOVE a good make-up brush. They’re so soft, thick, and so easy to maneuver. They pick up a lot of product and apply it so smoothly. They’re really good quality and about the same price as other brushes I own and so much better. I’m now adding her eyeshadow brushes to my want list at Sephora. I need them all.

If you’re a busy mom on the go looking for a good foundation, give the Kat Von D Lock-It collection a try. You can pick it up at your local Sephora inside JCPenney!

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Sarah L

Friday 11th of August 2017

Those packages are so elegant.

Hannah Harris

Friday 11th of August 2017

Very nice

Christina Graham

Thursday 10th of August 2017

This looks amazing. I really need to start doing a little makeup every so often. :(

Julie Wood

Thursday 10th of August 2017

This makeup brand is incredible! I love trying out different brands and this one is amazing. I think that I will try a few of these out!

Cynthia C

Tuesday 8th of August 2017

I always have trouble choosing the correct color of foundation. I'd love to try the device.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.