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Homemade Trolls Birthday Cake

Homemade Trolls Birthday Cake

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DIY Trolls Birthday

I can’t believe our youngest is turning 2 today. It feels like it has gone by so quickly and she is growing up so fast. She is such a strong willed little one. Independent, strong, brave, and caring. She doesn’t take shit from anyone and I love that quality about her, but she also has the biggest heart when it comes to her people. As we sat down this morning to watch her open her gifts she got to the present that was a huge pack of Hot Wheels cars. Her brother is obsessed with Hot Wheels and we figured it was time to get her some of her own since she is always taking his. As she opened them she grabbed one out of the box, walked over to her brother, and gave it to him. My heart instantly melted and the look on his face went from jealousy to pure joy. His whole face lit up and he was so excited that she shared her gift with him. As she tore into her gifts there were so many squeals of excitement followed by “so cool” and “yay”. 

DIY Trolls Birthday

Since she’s the baby she’s been piggy backing off the older kids toys and often times they don’t want to share with her. She has some of her own stuff, but it hasn’t been much and we knew this was the time to spoil her with things all her own. A doll house, trolls, moana, magnetic blocks, and a few other things she loves. And for the decor she woke up to our dining room decorated in Trolls. She is obsessed with Trolls and watches it daily. Pop Pop (as she calls poppy) is her favorite. I grabbed some decorations from Target, multi colored streamers from the party store, and got to work making her a cake. 

I’m not the best cake maker, but I always try to make my kids their own special cake for their birthday. Ever since we got our house I decorate our dining room while they’re at school so they come home to balloons, streams, decor, and a special cake. We get their favorite meal, open gifts, and have cake. They all love it so much and I hope these are the types of memories they’ll remember when they’re grown and have kids. Since our daughter loves Trolls so much I made her a Trolls themed caked and put my silhouette cameo 3 to work. Card stock, toothpicks, Trolls figurines, and sprinkles made this cute cake for her.

DIY Trolls Birthday Cake Toppers

For the cake I used a 10 inch cake pan. We never seem to finish birthday cake so I wanted to keep it small and this is big enough for the 5 of us. I made 3 layers of cake, let them cool, and cut the tops off so the would be flat and even. Once cooled I made a buttercream frosting and added some gel food coloring until I got my desired color. I went with a blue since it’s a main color in the Trolls movie. I frosted the cake and let it chill. 

Trolls Birthday cake

DIY Trolls Birthday Cake

For the decorations I used my silhouette cameo 3 and card stock to create 2 cake toppers. A rainbow and a glitter #2. For the rainbow I purchased one from the Silhouette store and assembled it using scrapbook tape. The rainbow that I purchased had one piece that is the whole size of the rainbow and then the individual colors/stripes. I cut out 3 additional whole pieces of the rainbow and applied 2 to the back of the completed rainbow to make it stronger. I then glued a toothpick onto the back of the rainbow and covered with the third rainbow cutout. For the #2 I picked up glitter card stock from the scrapbook section of Michael’s. I went with a purple and blue and found a font I liked and made the #2. I then did an internal offset and adjusted the setting to 0.150 and cut it out. I also cut out 2 additional number 2’s and glued the blue to the purple and placed an additional one to the back of the purple. Glued a toothpick onto the back and covered with the final #2. Settings for the glitter card stock were blade 10, thickness 33. Since the glitter card stock is a lot thicker you don’t need to reinforce it much. Place them into the cake and done! 

DIY Trolls Birthday

I then added some sprinkles around the bottom, placed my cake toppers in, and added some trolls. Easy to make and our daughter is in love!

I also created a special birthday shirt for her using my silhouette cameo 3. Tutorial

DIY Trolls Birthday Shirt

Trolls Birthday Shirt

DIY Trolls Birthday Cake


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James Robert

Friday 19th of January 2018

Happy Birthday Princess! What a nice cake you had and it looks yummy.

Abigail Gibson

Wednesday 30th of August 2017

Happy belated birthday!

paula peterson

Tuesday 29th of August 2017

That cake is so cute!

Abigail Gibson

Monday 28th of August 2017

Very cute baby!

Amy Deeter

Tuesday 15th of August 2017

How cute is this! My daughter would love to have this for her next birthday

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