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Gift Giving Idea: A Shopkins Quilt!

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Our daughters birthday is coming up and she is still obsessed with Shopkins. As my kids get older I realize that I want to give them things that they’ll have for a long time. Things they can cherish and that are from the heart. This year my goal is to make each of my kids a quilt for their birthday. Something they can use for years to come. That they can cherish, snuggle, and love. Our family loves blankets and when we’re sitting down watching TV, reading, or playing a game someone is always curled up in a blanket. So what better gift to give then something that I made and I know they’ll love…

While looking for quilting fabric on I found several different shopkins themed fabrics and fabrics that I know my daughter would love on a personal blanket of her own. I’ve been using for years and I love their wide selection of fabrics, decent pricing, and quick shipping. So when I’m on the hunt for fabric for a project I always look around

The thing I love most about quilts is they’re so personal. Pick out some coordinating fabrics and get to work. Quilts are supposed to be fun, funky, and colorful. My main fabric is Shopkins and from there I like to pull out coordinating colors in fun prints that I know my kids will like. Things like stripes, polka dots, hearts, and stars. Pop in a few solid pieces to keep it from being too busy and you have something that is made with love and personal for the person you’re giving it too.

One of my favorite gifts from when I was a child and something I remember the most was a patchwork quilt that I had. I used it until it was falling apart, so I want my kids to have fond memories like that and I hope a quilt that I’ve made for them can bring the same happy memories.

What is something memorable you’ve given your kids for their birthday?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.