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Have Date Night at Home with Crated With Love! #CratedwithLove

Have Date Night at Home with Crated With Love! #CratedwithLove

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With all of our family living a few states a way, busy schedules, and 3 kids to take care of – it can be hard for my Husband and I to get alone time. Going out for date night is almost impossible, but we always need that 1 on 1 time to reconnect, disconnect from everything, and to continue having a loving relationship. I can always tell when it’s been a while since we’ve had some time alone and since getting away without the kids is hard, we put them to bed and have date night at home. 

We might be a little odd, but date night at home is usually us getting into bed and watching a movie or playing video games while eating our favorite snacks. We’re pretty chill and low key, but lately I’ve been looking for new ways to spruce up date nights and when I learned about Crated with Love I knew we had to give it a try. Our Crated with Love boxed arrived and it was filled with everything we needed for date night at home, like fun games and a few other activities that we could do together. 

The hubs and I put the kid to bed and did some of the activities in our Crated with Love box and it was lots of fun having some time alone – laughing, chatting, and just spending quiet time together. Since we haven’t been able to get out alone it was the perfect date night in and the Crated with Love box allowed us to try something new for date night while comfy at home. It was a winning date night at home and something I look forward to using again.

About Crafted with Love:

Each Crated with Love date night package is custom designed by Crated with Love CEO Tyler and his wife, Michelle. Together they design, test and finalize each month’s package, with Michelle tapping her expertise in marriage and family therapy to infuse smart, inspiring activities that are both fun and strengthening for couples. Crated with Love is a perfect date night option for after the little ones go to bed!

Tyler and Michelle were at a crossroad in their relationship. Both were finishing up their degrees in college while working to make ends meet. After five years together, the romance seemed to be placed in the background as life got hectic. Michelle (with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy) and Tyler (a degree in Entrepreneurship) knew they needed to make a change if they wanted their relationship to progress and grow stronger. Recognizing that something needed to be done, they placed more of an emphasis on a monthly “date night”, in order to really connect. It was at that point when they both realized that other couples may have a similar struggle and it was at that moment when Crated with Love was born!

The important of Date Night:

Couples that have quality “couple time” together at least once a month are over 4 times more likely to classify their relationship as “Very Happy” (National Marriage Project). Crated with Love helps by offering a moment every month to reconnect with each other, inspiring fun and laughter while strengthening your relationship. 

Receive 50% off your first box using DATE2017, 60% off first box of a three month or six month, and 80% off first box of one year.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.