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Getting to Know Olympic Athlete and Mom, Dana Vollmer!

Getting to Know Olympic Athlete and Mom, Dana Vollmer!

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Dana Vollmer Interview 

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to sit down with Olympic Athlete, 4-time Olympic Gold Medalist, and new mom Dana Vollmer. We talked about what it’s like to be a mom while also training for the olympics, baby poop and pampers diapers, and getting all your baby needs from Babies R’ Us. One of the things I love about Dana was how open, honest, and down to earth she was. I was a little nervous to sit down with an Olympic athlete, but Dana was so down to earth that I felt like I was chatting with one of the girls.

Dana Vollmer gave us a tour around Babies R’ Us where we talked about the things new moms will need for their little one. We talked about how you can register for all of your baby wants/needs with Babies R’ Us and with the Babies R’ Us registry you can bring back any of the items from your registry for up to a year, no questions asked. Plus, when you use the Baby Registry at Babies “R” Us, you’ll earn up to 10% back on purchases made from your registry, with no limits. You can then use that money (given on a Babies R’ Us gift card) to purchase anything you need. Dana even shared about how the stroller they received for Arlen didn’t work out and how she was able to easily return it for something that met their needs because of the great Baby Registry program.

Dana Vollmer and I interview

During our chat we talked baby poop because let’s be real, when you’re a mom poop is a big part of your life. Dana shared how she loves Pampers diapers and she finds them to be great quality that hold up to her son Arlen’s messes. Arlen is your typical toddler that crawls, walks, climbs, and gets into everything. Despite his activeness he hasn’t had any diaper blowouts and Dana attributes that to the great quality of Pampers diapers. Dana even shared how she finds wipes come in handy for everything and as a parent you can never have enough Pampers wipes on hand. 

While we toured the store with Dana she shared about her life since becoming a mom. How her husband and her picked out special outfits for Arlen before he was born, how she was scared to give Arlen his first bath and ended up joining him in the tub, and how being a mom is exhausting. As an Olympic athlete Dana knows about being tired, but being a mom is a whole different level of exhaustion. Dana is finding ways to incorporate being a mom with being an Olympic athlete and she’s nailing being a new mom while training for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. She starts her day early in the morning so she can train. By time she gets home it’s mid morning and her and Arlen spend the rest of the day together. 

Dana Vollmer Olympic Athlete

Dana and her husband are both swimmers, so we wanted to know if that’s what she wanted for Arlen. She shared how from an early age they introduced Arlen to the water by dipping his feet into the pool and how Arlen is taking swim lessons. They want Arlen to feel comfortable in the water because that is very important with water safety. Dana said she supports whatever Arlen wants to do and they were introducing him to a variety of sports.

Dana proves that even though you’re a mom you can still accomplish great things. That you don’t have to lose who you are or the things that you want to accomplish to motherhood. Sitting down and getting to know Dana Vollmer a little more was a lovely treat and she’s a great role model to young girls, woman, and moms everywhere. Join me in rooting for Dana in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games which she is competing in now. 


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