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Tips for Keeping your Laundry Room Safe!

Tips for Keeping your Laundry Room Safe!

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I partnered with Tide to bring you this post. All opinions are my own.

Spot the Risks

I recently shared with all of you 7 Tips for child proofing your home and our story of how the gummy vitamins got left out. Child proofing is really important and with a 2 year old who loves to get into things and a 7 month old who is on the move, it’s even more important to make sure our home is safe for the kids. Since the kids love to follow me around the house and help with chores it’s really important that rooms with cleaning products, like the laundry room, are really child proofed.

Tide understands the need to make laundry rooms safe so they’ve taken steps to help ensure your little ones are staying safe, such as making modifications to their product packaging.  All P&G laundry pac containers now have more secure closures and are opaque, P&G added a bitter taste to the outer layer of its Tide, Gain and Ariel laundry pacs, and all P&G laundry pacs withstand the average squeezing pressure of a small child. P&G has partnered with organizations like Safe Kids Worldwide, The American Cleaning Institute, The American Association of Pediatrics and the American Cleaning Institute to share information, raise awareness, and educate families about child safety in the laundry room and throughout the home.

Tide Keep them Safe

The laundry room can sometimes be overlooked as somewhere to childproof, but it’s just as important as every other room. Keep your laundry room safe for your children by using these tips:

  • After each use of a cleaning or laundry product, close the container completely and immediately put products away in their appropriate storage location.
  • Use a cabinet safety latch as an added security measure to ensure products are not accessible.
  • Adults should follow the storage and safety instructions on the product label.

If your child does put one of these packets in his mouth or gets any in his eye, call Poison Help at 1-800-222-1222 immediately. For additional information on laundry safety, please visit the AAP’s or

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Erlene A

Wednesday 13th of April 2016

Love Tide. Glad they're helping to spread awareness for laundry room safety.

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