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App Alert: Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New Moms! #7MinMomApp

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I’ve partnered with  Johnson & Johnson in a campaign with The Motherhood for this sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own. #7MinMomApp

7 minute wellness app

Being a mom is an amazing journey and experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. From the moment I found out I was expecting our whole lives changed, but one of the biggest changes were the changes to my body. From very early on, with all of my babies, I’m a tired mama and it’s completely understandable since my body (and yours) is hard at work creating a new life. Now that I have 3 little ones running around I fully understand why moms are so exhausted. Being responsible and caring for a baby, toddler, and kid is hard work. Rewarding, wonderful, but hard work. I know when the kids are grown I’ll laugh at how exhausted I was and I’ll wish for these moments back, but for now I try to find ways to find my sanity during the day. Whether it’s hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes of quiet, leaving my husband with the kids for a quick trip to the store, getting out in the sunshine for a walk, or using the new app from Johnson & Johnson called 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New Moms.

Johnson & Johnson App

The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New Moms app is free in the google play and App stores and aims to help you manage and expand your energy, so you can be at your best for baby, and you. The easy, simple to use, and enjoyable app delivers personalized Mind and Body and 7 Minute Workout sessions created by Johnson & Johnson behavioral, exercise and medical experts to help you achieve and maintain fitness and balance in your body and mind.  Mind and Body sessions share techniques that can help you create balance, relax your mind, relieve discomfort and care for your body. 7 Minute Workout sessions are customized to your week of pregnancy or postnatal phase, your fitness and energy levels, and any physical discomfort you may be experiencing. The app is just what I need on crazy days where my energy is low and I need a few minutes of relaxation to regroup.

J&J 7 minute wellness app

After downloading the free app, you are asked to put in your due date or baby’s birthday. Since our little one is almost 8 months old, I typed in her birthday and then I could pick if I wanted to do a mind & body session or workout session. After asking how your energy level is today the app then offers techniques to help create balance, relax the mind, relieve stress and discomfort, and care for a your body during this important time. The techniques are guided by Jennifer Lea, Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute Director of Client Training.

The app has been great for providing some ways to help me relax while breastfeeding, pumping, or when the kids are napping and helping to give me a quick energy boost when needed during the day. You can learn more about and download the Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New MomsTM app from the App Store or Google Play store.

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Jennifer B

Friday 15th of April 2016

This sounds like a great app for expecting moms to help keep your health in tip top shape! I wish there was something like this around when I was having my kids too!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.