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My 16 Must Have Baby Products!

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Being a mom of 4 and a blogger means I’ve tried out a lot of baby products. Some have been amazing and some have been horrible, but there are a bunch that I keep going back for more. So I’m compiling a list and sharing it with y’all. Whether you’re a first time mom or 5th, a quality baby product always comes in handy!

Must have baby products

All products are easily obtainable through Amazon (I buy almost everything on Amazon these days) and I’ve included links to all products for easy ordering or so you can easily add to your baby registry! Looking for even more product reviews? Make sure to check out the baby review section for car seats, toys, and more!

Halo Sleep Sack – This thing is awesome. I stink at swaddling and an arm or hand always ends up popping out. The Halo Sleep Sack makes swaddling so much easier and it’s also great for diaper changes because you don’t have to unswaddle baby to change them. Thank you zippered foot portion!

Breast Pump – I’ve used a few brands and the Medela Pump in Style and Evenflo Double electric pumps are my favorite. Make sure to double check with your healthcare insurance because they should provide you with a free pump. I got my Medela from them. More info about that HERE.

Auto Rock N' Play Sleeper

Fisher-Price Rock N’ Play Sleeper – Go into any moms group and they will RAVE about this thing. I got one when our 2 year old was a baby and it was a life saver. I originally got it because he had acid reflux and it allowed him to sleep on in include, the rocking portion was an added bonus. When our youngest was born she wouldn’t sleep in anything but the swing. All the moms in my pregnancy group were getting them for their babies and I jumped on board. Total life saver. It’s portable so you can fold it up and move it all around the house or take with you on a trip. I spent a little more money and got the self rocking model. I really suggest getting that one because it’s basically a bassinet swing and it plugs into the wall, so no batteries are needed. Every mom should have one of these. I will be honest, Target was a little bit cheaper for this item. With our son I had the regular model and it was still a great item to have.

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover – This is great for if you live somewhere cold, like Colorado. It goes around the top of the car seat so it’s safe to use and it helps to keep your little one warm while out in the cold. Very easy to attach and detach.

Car Seat Canopy/Cover – I really love the Car Seat Canopy. You can find free codes for them all over the internet and in parenting magazines, but by time you pay shipping it’s the same price to just buy it on Amazon. It goes over the top of the car seat and it great for keeping baby covered from the elements like rain, snow, wind, and sunshine. I always keep a little corner open so there is air flowing and it’s also good for keeping nosey people out of your child’s car seat.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag – I love my skip hop diaper bag and I’m always getting compliments on it. It’s fairly light weight, sturdy, holds all my baby needs for a trip out, and can attach to the stroller.

Baby Bum Brush Review

Baby Bum Brush – Another awesome product and something I never would have thought to get. I hate getting messy fingers from applying diaper cream, but the Diaper Bum Brush allows you to apply cream without ever getting dirty. No more having to get icky fingers, but you’re also not supposed to apply cream with your fingers since they have germs and bacteria that can make rashes worse. It’s very easy to clean and I haven’t had a messy finger since!

NoseFrida Snot Sucker – Another product I never would have bought and I actually thought was disgusting, but our baby keeps getting colds thanks to the older kids and the bulb snot suckers just weren’t working well. After a trip to the ER and the Dr recommending I get one, I finally broke down and bought one. It’s awesome. It works really good at getting the snot out, it’s easy to clean, and even though it looks gross, snot will not end up in your mouth. Every parent should have one of these!

Boppy Pillow – I feel like these are something everyone has, but just in case I’m adding it. The boppy pillow is great for nursing and it grows with baby. I’ve used one with all of them for nursing, but they also like to lay against it to look around, use as a cushion when they’re learning to sit, or it works good as arm support while holding baby.

Snuza Hero Movement Monitor – If you’re paranoid about whether or not your little one is breathing this monitor is great, it attaches to babys diaper and an alarm sounds if they stop breathing. It’s lightweight and easily fits under clothes.

Sophie the Giraffe review

Sophie the Giraffe – Awesome teether. All my kids have loves it and it doubles as a play toy. Easy to grasp, clean, and the kids loved chewing on it while teething.

Bottle Warmer – Warming up bottles in the microwave is bad, especially for breast milk and using the stove takes a while. My saving grace is a bottle warmer. We have the munchkin which I like. I’ve found this to be true with any bottle warmer I’ve used, but you have to play around with the times depending on bottle size, thickness, and milk amount.

Dream Blanket – All of my kids and myself included love the Dream Blankets. Soft, cozy, and warm. They’re a staple in our house. So much so that our 2 year old doesn’t go anywhere without his.

Baby Soap – Shea Moisture is my favorite baby soap. It smells amazing and it’s great on babies who have sensitive skin, like my kids do.

White Noise Maker – Another life saver. White noise makers help little ones sleep better. It helps to drown out small noises that could potentially wake baby up and helps create a calming environment for baby.

Bag Balm – This stuff is great for rashes. Slather on a thick layer with your Baby Bum Brush and it clears them right up. One of the best diaper rash creams I’ve used. We always have a jar in the house. It also works great on dry skin.

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Monday 21st of March 2016

These are really great products for sure .

courtney b

Monday 21st of March 2016

sophie the giraffe is a must! every baby must have it- plus the lamb soother. that worked wonders for me !:)

Karen Glatt

Monday 21st of March 2016

A Boppy Pillow and a good diaper bag is a must. I really like the Giraffe as a baby teether! What great products to give at a baby shower!


Monday 21st of March 2016

These baby products are so cute. Love this list

Dandi D

Monday 21st of March 2016

We don't have a Sophie giraffe, but we have a very similar toy that's a dinosaur, and we don't leave the house without it. It's my baby's favorite!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.