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Between Dec 5th – 9th, 2013 will be having a Groupon Deal that will offer new customers up to 60% off their first booking with a dog sitter on, and is available for use nationwide.

I’ve had various pets over the years and one concern was always “Who is going to take care of my pet while I’m gone?” We don’t currently have any pets, but if my 3 year old had her way we would have a cute puppy running around the house. Since our goal is to buy a house this year we also plan on getting a dog for the family, but again one of my concerns is who will take care of him/her when we’re out of town? I like to plan ahead before making a decision and a dog is a huge responsibility, thankfully I know that when the time comes for our family to welcome a dog into our lives I can use to find a safe, loving person to care for him/her when we’re out of town. is the leading online community that connects dog owners with trusted dog sitters, and is where dogs beg to stay. They believe that all dogs deserve safe, loving homes even when their owners are away, and that’s why they created Rover. Their services provide an alternative to traditional caged boarding facilities, or family, friends and neighbors who are often asked to sit in a pinch. Rover currently operates nationwide, with 150,000 members enrolled, more than 25,000 approved sitters in over 4,300 cities across the U.S., and approximately 1,000 sitter options in each of the top 20 markets. Additionally, they believe all dogs deserve a happy and loving home and that’s why they’re committed to supporting animal shelters and companion animal programs across the nation. They also make it easy for sitters to donate a portion of their proceeds to local shelters through their Sit-a-Dog, Save-a-Life program, saving the lives of dogs everywhere.

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Sarah L

Monday 24th of February 2014

I do dog sitting for friends. I have references so maybe I should look into joining this.

Anna Pry

Monday 17th of February 2014

My mom often needs a sitter, will tell her about this


Sunday 22nd of December 2013

We don't currently have a dog, however, I am going to pass this on to my Mom!

Barbara Calder

Friday 20th of December 2013

Great ideas.

Janet W.

Friday 20th of December 2013

I've never heard of this site before! I'll have to tell my daughter who is a dog owner.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.