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Cinnamon Rolls Christmas Tree

Cinnamon Rolls Christmas Tree

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It’s never to early to begin thinking about yummy Holiday Themed treats. Cinnamon rolls are delicious and what better way to serve them, then with green icing and in the shape of a tree!?

This recipe is super easy to make and the perfect treat for a Holiday morning breakfast. potluck, or just because!


Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls w/ Icing* (2 packages, use 11 rolls)

Green Food Coloring

Sprinkles (optional)


Preheat oven per directions on cinnamon roll package.

Grease baking sheet and place cinnamon rolls into the shape of a tree

Bake per directions

For the icing you can just mix green food coloring into it and give it a good mix

Once cooled frost cinnamon rolls with icing and sprinkle with sprinkles


*I bought 2 packages and used 11 cinnamon rolls for the tree. You can bake the extras or freeze them for later use. You can make cinnamon rolls from scratch if you prefer.

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Friday 21st of December 2018

I love this. It is perfect for when company is here and I can't think straight to do a recipe from scratch that will be as festive as this!

Paula Valenti

Wednesday 11th of June 2014

This is such a fun idea. We always have a nice big breakfast on Christmas morning. Hopefully I will remember this when the time comes!


Thursday 17th of October 2013

Love this idea of serving breakfast on Christmas morning!

kelly nicholson

Wednesday 6th of March 2013

do i have to wait till christmas...


Friday 28th of December 2012

I made some cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning also. I prepared them the night before and when we got up I removed them from the fridge to warm up a bit before I baked'em. I used a recipe from the King Arthur Flour website and they turned out to be the best I've ever had! I just wish they were healthy because I could eat them every morning for breakfast.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.