Iron Man 3 – New Posters & Video Clip!

Oh Iron Man, How I love Thee… If I had to pick a favorite Avenger it would be Iron Man, hands down! I have LOVED all of the movies and when I saw that part 3 was coming out, I was beyond thrilled and I’m counting down the days until May 3rd so I can go see it. I love me some Tony Stark… #Swoon

Here is a new video clip of Iron Man 3 and Movie Posters. I’ve already watched the video multiple times and can’t wait for it to come out!!!

IronMan3 Poster


  1. Julie Wood says

    I told myself that I did not like the Iron Man movies that have been made before this one. But after seeing the Trailer, this movie is different than I thought it was. I actually liked this movie after seeing the trailer. I am thinking of going to see this movie and the movies that were made before this one. The actors look great!

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