DIY: Christmas Tree Bow Topper

While browsing around Pinterest I found this cute idea for a Christmas Tree Bow Topper. It looked easy enough to make so I figured I would give it a shot. I headed to Michael’s craft store and luckily everything was 40-50% off so I scored some decent deals on everything I wanted. If you happen to come across a 20% off coupon good on SALE items, then you’ll really snag some great deals.

You’ll need Wired Ribbon (i got the 25ft roll) and then if you want to add anything else like feathers, berries, flowers, ect. While browsing around Michael’s for my supplies I saw these bows already made and for just the Bow they were selling for $39.99, not including the frilly stuff. I was able to make this for under $15 and I still have lots of ribbon left.

Since I’m not good at tutorials and this was my first time making it, I am gonna tell you to visit Kristen’s Creations for the tutorial. I am not very crafty, but I got this done on the first try and it didn’t turn out too bad. It’s not Kristen’s bow, but with some more practice I am sure I could master it.

Here’s my final product:

(sorry for the bad lighting, I couldn’t get a good light angle)

The best thing about this is it’s totally customizable! Size, Color, and Add-ons. Good Luck and Happy Crafting!

Round 2: I had another tree I needed to review/decorate so I made another topper!

This one was cheaper to make and I got the items at target! The ball things were with the $1 ornaments and the ribbon was only $5!! Plus there is still TONS of ribbon left. So I’m thinking about making a bow for our front door…

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  1. Maralea says

    Love it! I have had a hard time finding a tree topper. Seems like the ones I buy are all too heavy for our tree. Love this idea of making a bow. Thank you!


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